Who is Bam Margera?

Bam Margera was born on September 28, 1979, to parents April and Phil Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania. His full name is Brandon Cole Margera.

He frequently made appearances in Jeff Tremaine’s Big Brother magazine while in high school and collaborated on CKY videos with his buddies Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, and Brandon DiCamillo as well as his older brother Jess.

His brother, Jess Margera, plays drums in the band Camp Kill Yourself, whose music has appeared in numerous skate videos.

Bam was given a role in Jeff Tremaine’s 2000 agreement with MTV to create the show Jackass.

In Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2005, Margera accomplished The Loop as a professional skater. He was the first street skater to successfully land it and the 13th skater overall to do so.

Margera would go on to star in the Jackass movies and even have his own reality television series, Viva La Bam.

What happened to his Covid diagnosis?

In the last few months, Margera has been publicly spotted at nightclubs. He was going to alcohol and drug rehab several times in the recent years.

He had completed a one year drug and alcohol rehab program during spring but went back into the program in August as announced by his family on Instagram.

Margera tested positive for COVID-19 at the hospital in San Diego. He was admitted with a serious case of pneumonia.

His most recent update on Instagram shows that the star is now testing negative for COVID but is still battling against Pneumonia on the ventilator.

He is being treated in the ICU however his condition is stable now.

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