Woodrow Wilson Paige Jr., better known as Woody Paige, is a sports writer and reporter for The Gazette. Paige is well-known for her participation in ESPN’s Around the Horn sports discussion program. Across its 18 seasons, Around the Horn has included nearly 2,500 episodes of its signature roundtable conversation format centered on a variety of sports.

He spent 35 years with the Denver Post as a columnist before moving on to ESPN and the Gazette. Paige left her position at The Washington Post in July 2004 to help launch ESPN2’s Cold Pizza, a project that took up a full year of her time.

Cold Pizza was marketed as a morning show–style program airing during the daytime on television, with a tenuous focus on sports.

When Did Woody Paige Get Sick Or Hurt?

The current situation involves internet users speculating and spreading rumors concerning Woody Paige’s health.

Our investigation, however, suggests that this is not the case; he is, in fact, doing really well, and his activities are likely to be the reason why netizens have referred to him as sick.

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Given his advanced age (about 75), which explains why he acts so differently from younger individuals, we can safely attribute his peculiarities to the effects of ageing. There has been speculation that he suffered from a wide range of illnesses, but no hard evidence has surfaced as of yet.

Even at 76 years old, Paige remains one of the media’s busiest sports commentators, and the columnist remains one of the industry’s roughest and most honest voices.

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Here Is What You Need to Know About His Current Illness and Health

As of now, there is no indication that Woody Paige is ill, and there has been no public announcement to that effect.

Without any formal pronouncements, the details of how the news of his cancer diagnosis circulated is unknown.

On the basis of his most recent images, he appears to be in good health and to be free of any serious illnesses.

Since most people prefer to keep their most interesting secrets to themselves, we can presume he didn’t want others to know.

Is There Any News About Woody Paige?

As a sports journalist for almost three decades, Woody Paige has experienced many highs and lows.

Paige, who began his career as the Denver Post’s most popular writer at the tender age of 31 in 1981, garnered not only fame but also a devoted following who read and looked forward to his pieces.

Unwavering support for Paige is still being shown today. But he’s had some professional hiccups along the way.

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In 2001, Paige stated that she was told by an Invesco staffer that the Denver Broncos’ stadium, Invesco Field at Mile High, was called “The Diaphragm” due to its unusual design.

The CEO of Invesco, the corporation that controlled the naming rights to the stadium, threatened legal action against the firm and specifically Paige. The lawsuit was dismissed in a comical leap of faith when it was discovered that the assertion was accurate.

After another incident with Paige, Bleacher Report placed him at #35 on their list of the worst sporting creeps for his questionable character.

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Woodrow Wilson Paige, Jr. is a sports columnist for The Gazette, author, and a regular panelist on the ESPN sports-talk program Around the Horn. Currently, Woody Paige seems to be in good health, and no information has been made public to indicate that he is ill.

It’s unclear how word of his cancer diagnosis leaked because he hasn’t released any public announcements.

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