Each site represents a distinct voice speaking to a distinct audience, but they all share a desire for developing a trusted relationship with their readers, viewers, and listeners through bold and original journalism about issues that matter to them, or should matter to them. We explain what we know, how we know it, and why we think it matters to our readers. We’re also honest about how we got here.

Our work is guided by the aim to help our readers comprehend their surroundings. We want to educate, debunk, challenge, provoke, unravel, and amuse you, but most importantly, we want to tell you the truth as we see it. We will write with intelligence and boldness, being honest, open, and unsentimental. However, we will treat our readers and those about whom we write as fairly as possible, and we will respect the humanity of people we cover.

Landscape Insight gives in-depth information on the issues to its users and readers.

Our Goals

The issues and concerns of our target audiences are critical. We increase their loyalty and involvement by allowing people to offer their knowledge and viewpoints, as well as by improving the quality of our content and their experience with it. As a result, while delivering our fans in new, original, and unknown ways, we will be audience-centric rather than producer-centric.

Our Audience

We strive to be leaders in and for our audiences, in our places, and in all we write and say. We shall be open and honest with our viewers about what we know and don’t know, as well as our points of view. In order to serve our audience, we shall be ambitious and imaginative in our work.

There will never be enough wonderful independent journalism or a large enough audience to share it with.