“Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1” was the debut mixtape by Cardi B, and prior to its release, she was sued by a model for allegedly using his image on the mixtape’s cover artwork without his permission.

However, On Friday, Oct. 21, The California federal jury rejected claims against the rapper that she misused a man’s image on the cover of her first 2016 mixtape album. According to Law and Crime News senior writer Meghann Cuniff, a jury consisting of nine members in a federal court in Santa Ana, California, issued the judgment dismissing Cardi B of any misconduct related to the case.

Kevin Michael Brophy was the one, who alleged against the rapper that she used an appearance of his back tattoo on her debut mixtape without his knowledge or consent. Brophy and his legal team had asked for a minimum of $5 million in compensation for their client’s losses.

During the course of the trial, Brophy attempted to argue that the decision by Cardi to use the image had a harmful effect on his marriage, his life at work, and the perception that his children had of him. On October 19, Wednesday, while Brophy was on the stand, he referred to Cardi’s stealing the photo as “Digital Molestation.”

Cardi B Wins Over the Lawsuit Against the Artwork of Her "Gangsta Bitch Vol. 1"

In response to his statement, Cardi B and her lawyers argued that the man in the photo is not Brophy, and the modification done to the image of the tattoo falls under First Amendment protection. They also made an attempt to make a joke out of Brophy’s claims that he has been deeply affected by the circumstance.

Cardi said: “There is not one piece of evidence where people believe it’s actually him,” ‘He hasn’t gotten fired from his job. He hasn’t gotten a divorce. How has he suffered? … Please tell me how he’s suffered.”

Well, in the end, the 30-year-old rapper was so satisfied as she won a years-long lawsuit. She even shared a tweet where she described how emotional the moment was for her as she did nothing wrong. Her post received a lot of appreciation and heart emoji comments from her followers.

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