Bam Margera, star of JACKASS, is once again gone from a Florida rehab center, and cops are looking for him.

Just two weeks ago, the actor escaped from a facility that was ordered by the court.

Bam, according to TMZ, was last seen at Deerfield Beach, Florida, on Saturday around 5:30 p.m.

Black sweatpants, a black shirt, and sneakers were the 42-year-attire. old’s

Detectives from the county are looking for him right now since he escaped the Lifeskills residential facility without authorization.

Those who know of his whereabouts are also being urged to phone.

As of June 13, when Bam Margera fled from a rehabilitation facility, the police have been searching for him repeatedly.

The Jackass star was required by a court order to reside there, but he later departed the location because he was “unhappy” with it and its offerings.

He announced to a staff member that he was “splitting” and then fled the premises.

Jackass Star Bam Margera Missing Again Rehab Facility

Even though Bam claimed he was leaving in a black vehicle and checking into a new institution, it was unknown where he was.

He wasn’t a danger to himself or others, according to the personnel, who nonetheless expressed concern about him.

When they searched again after failing to locate him the first time, police brought him back to the institution after learning he was staying at the Delray Beach Hotel a few days later.

After recently getting into a disagreement with his wife, the stunt performer was “staying at the sober living facility,” according to sources close to him, according to TMZ.

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Stunt Gone Wrong

Due to his background as a skateboarder and member of the Jackass, Bam is accustomed to executing dangerous stunts and activities.

But a skateboarding accident he had last month left him with serious injuries, including fractured wrists on both sides and an elbow.

He broke his wrist for the tenth time, resulting in hospitalization.

During the 30-minute intermission of a nearby Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the actor visited a skateboard park.

Jackass Star Bam Margera Missing Again Rehab Facility

The stunt Bam attempted to perform—which he hadn’t done in almost a year—did not turn out as expected.

According to TMZ, the bones in his arm were “almost breaking his flesh” and were “bending backward.”

After having his arm cast, he was subsequently sent to a rehabilitation centre; however, while he was recovering, he was not permitted to use painkillers.

The director wanted to leave and accused the rehab clinic of mismanaging his physical therapy treatments.

Getting Help

Bam recently underwent treatment for his substance misuse even though he initially checked himself into rehab for his physical problems.

In October, it came to light that Bam first checked himself into the rehab facility after he “attacked a woman and tore her breast implant” while under the influence of cocaine.

According to a September 26th 911 call to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office that PageSix discovered, he is accused of “attacking” a female victim at the Don Cesar hotel.

The caller said he arrived at the site for a “pick-up order, and they’re using coke in the room,” before claiming, “Nevertheless, he did not say which of the three was using drugs.

Jackass Star Bam Margera Missing Again Rehab Facility

She said that he attacked her and tore her implant because he grabbed her breast “After explaining that there were two ladies there, the male made the accusation to the dispatcher.

The caller said that one of the visitors was a prostitute and that the other was Bam’s “minder” or caregiver.

But a Bam spokesman then responded to the accusations, calling the whole story “defamatory” and refuting the charges.

Despite what the caller said, no charges were brought against him that day; his return to the rehab centr was not seen as an arrest.

A day before being located by police, Bam was seen in pictures taken by TMZ at a pub outside his hotel. Police were informed that he had been without his prescription for a number of days.

Together with his ex-wife, Nikki Boyd, he and Phoenix Wolf have a son.

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