A Year in the Life on Netflix gave Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino the opportunity to send out Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and the rest of the ensemble the way she had always envisioned, with Rory’s pregnancy reveal serving as the series finale. Even though Sherman-Palladino resolved that plot point, she nevertheless finished the series on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers to wonder who Rory’s baby’s father is.

There are numerous questions left about Gilmore Girls that were raised by A Year in the Life, including who Rory’s baby’s father is. The episode does give some hints as to who Rory is carrying. In A Year in the Life, Rory has several potential fathers—her boyfriend, a one-night stand, and an illicit affair—but the evidence points to Logan.

Not only do they have a lot in common, but they may form a love triangle similar to the one in the pilot episode.

Everyone Who Could Be the Father of Rory’s Baby on Gilmore Girls

Rory’s boyfriend in A Year in the Life is named Paul. She fails to break up with him despite leaving herself numerous reminders. Paul plays a little role in the revival because he is just there to perpetuate the running gag of Rory forgetting about him.

Because of her infidelity with Logan Paul is a remote possibility at best to be the father of her child. It’s quite unlikely that Paul is the father of Rory’s child because the show Gilmore Girls places a premium on the relationships between its characters.

Fans of the original series anticipate that Rory’s ex-boyfriend Jess will be revealed as the father because of the show’s many touching romantic moments between the couple. In the new season, the old lovers get together for a short time, but it means a lot to each of them.

At the end of their episodes together, Jess visits Luke and Lorelai at their home. When he looks out the window, he sees Rory and immediately becomes enamored with her, but it appears that his feelings for her are reciprocated. Nothing in A Year in the Life suggests that Jess and Rory have recently rekindled their romance.

Logan Is Likely the Father of Rory Gilmore’s Baby

Logan Is Likely the Father of Rory Gilmore's Baby

Thus, Logan is the most likely option for paternity. Rory and Logan were already an established sexual couple by the time the events of A Year in the Life took place. That fact alone strengthens the case for him being the father of her child.

Rory’s characterization as one of the most despised in Girlmore Girls is consistent with the fact that Logan is the father of her child. She probably hadn’t envisioned herself moving back in with her mother in Stars Hollow in her 30s, let alone becoming pregnant as a result of an extramarital romance.

Rory’s accidental pregnancy is similar to the one her mother had, save for the age difference. Both pregnancies occurred under less-than-ideal circumstances, what with Lorelai and Christopher still being in high school and Logan already being engaged. With A Year in the Life suggesting that Jess still has feelings for Rory, she is well on her way to becoming a successful writer like her mom.

To some extent, Logan and Jess are supposed to represent Christopher and Luke. Despite their obvious chemistry, Logan and Rory’s relationship rarely improves since he is so focused on himself, in contrast to Christopher and Lorelai.

Rory and Jess, however, are constantly competing with one another. Like Luke and Lorelai, their relationship is well-balanced and based on genuine concern for the other person. Even if Logan is the father of her child, A Year in the Life strongly suggests that Rory will end up with Jess.

Fans will be left wondering about Rory’s life with a new kid on the way unless Netflix renews the series for a second season, which appears doubtful at this moment.

Currently, you can watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.


The ambiguous ending of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has left fans wondering about the father of Rory’s baby.

While there are several potential options, Logan appears to be the most likely candidate, given their established relationship and the similarities to her mother’s pregnancy. However, Jess remains a popular choice for many fans, and the show’s open-ended conclusion leaves the possibility for future exploration.

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