According to reports, John Cena will attend WrestleMania 39 and most likely compete as well. On April 1-2, 2023, “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” will take place at So-Fi Stadium for two nights.

Cena will attend WrestleMania and will likely compete as a wrestler, according to WrestleVotes: “Cena should be there and Cena should be wrestling.” It is thought that Vince McMahon and Triple H still have a close friendship after his departure from WWE.

In an exclusive interview with Give Me Sport,  “I know he touches base every so often, and although Vince is out of the picture, Cena still has a love for this place. John Cena and Triple H have respect for each other.”

John Cena’s Last Match Was A Sad End

John Cena's Last Match

The Universal Championship battle between John Cena and Roman Reigns took place at Summerslam in 2021. In his first match back since Wrestlemania 36, the former WWE Champion served as the show’s main event.

It was a wonderful final match for John Cena, but sadly the 16-time world champion could not stand up to the “Tribal Chief” and lost to Roman Reigns. Although it was unclear if this was John Cena’s final match before retiring, he currently appears to be concentrating more on his acting career than his WWE wrestling.

It had been more than 500 days since John Cena’s last pay-per-view match when he faced Roman Reigns. He faced Bray Wyatt in the “Firefly Funhouse” match at Wrestlemania 36.

The contest was a cinematic encounter in which Wyatt mentally dissected the previous champion by taking him through various phases of his career. It was one of the most illustrative contests in Wrestlemania history.

However, the match against Roman Reigns at Summerslam 2021 was John Cena’s last match to be televised by WWE. After this match, John Cena participated in one more WWE match, although it wasn’t televised.

After the Friday Night Smackdown episode airing on September 10, 2021, John Cena formed a team with Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio to compete against Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso. That match, which was also John Cena’s final match, was won by the Mysterios and John Cena.

Logan Paul Expresses Interest In Potential WrestleMania Match With John Cena

Although Logan Paul’s WWE career is still in its early stages, the content creator turned professional wrestler seems interested in facing off against John Cena at the biggest platform of them all, WrestleMania.

Logan Paul’s deal with the WWE was initially criticized, but despite this, Paul has already had a significant influence thanks to his outstanding performances at recent Pay-Per-View events.

Logan Paul's last match when he was injured

In his match against The Miz at Summerslam, he dazzled the crowd, and in his most recent title match opportunity versus Roman Reigns in the Crown Jewel main event, he was even more amazing.

Paul revealed online that his fight with Reigns resulted in a ruptured meniscus, MCL, and perhaps an ACL tear, thus he did not escape the defeat unscathed. Even though Paul will probably be out of the ring for several months as a result of these injuries, he is still making jokes and dropping hints about potential future matches that he would want to take part in.

According to reports, John Cena will compete in WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood in 2019, according to the wrestling website Wrestle Ops. They followed by asking their followers, “Who would you consider the perfect opponent for him on that enormous stage? ” in the same tweet.

Paul retweeted this article and included a side-eye emoji in his own brief caption. Fans have already started urging the WWE to hold the event, calling it an “amazing” contest that would draw in a “big crowd” and a “great matchup.”

Others have even proposed that John Cena should bring back his famous Dr. Thuganomics character for the event if a Logan Paul vs. Cena match ever took place.

However, Logan Paul still has a long way to go until WrestleMania. Due to the severity of his injuries and the short amount of time until the event, Paul would have to recover quickly in order to compete in the WWE’s largest PPV.

Logan Paul Injures Himself During His Last Match

Paul posted a selfie on Twitter on Saturday showing him supporting his right leg, which has an ice pack on the knee. Crutches are placed close to him. He grinned and gave the camera the thumbs up.

The tweet from Paul stated that he had a “torn meniscus, MCL, and maybe an ACL.” He disclosed that the injury happened “midway through the game” and pledged to keep the public informed.

Paul and Reigns’ contest was for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship, according to ESPN. Even though it was only Paul’s third match as a professional wrestler, Reigns prevailed after 25 minutes, and Paul was praised for his performance.

Check Out The Reactions From The Fans To Logan Paul’s Tweet

@sassy_evee said, “Bro I respect you for the change you underwent to redeem yourself But If I got a Logan Paul v John Cena I will really need to stop even watching the few mins clips of WWE Coz you need to work up the ladder to be on the same level as CENA!”

@LambretchAtayan said, “You couldn’t get pass Roman Reigns and now you’re picking a fight with John Cena? 🤣”

@ClaireBear11223 said, “Logan and John Cena would break the internet👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”


After learning of Logan Paul’s injuries, it was uncertain whether he would be able to compete in WrestleMania 39. Recently on Wednesday when Paul tweeted that he not only believes he will compete but that he already has a target opponent in mind.

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