You’ll smile, weep, and have a good time. You could possibly be ill.

If you grew up watching the Jackass crew’s pranks, you might have found Jackass Forever to be a surprisingly emotional experience.

It is always enjoyable to relax with Johnny Knoxville and the cast as they perform stunts that you would never even consider trying. It’s enjoyable to watch from the convenience of your own home or the theatre, away from danger and unpleasant smells.

You may have noticed that on Friday, May 20, 2022, Jackass 4.5 appeared on Netflix, despite the fact that many people thought Forever might have signaled the end of the franchise as we know it, bidding farewell to the familiar cast and welcoming the new.

Is Jackass 4.5 the same as Jackass Forever, though?

Is Jackass 4.5 the Same as Jackass Forever?

Is the Netflix Film Jackass 4.5 the Same as Jackass Forever?

No, Jackass 4.5 is not the same film as Jackass Forever and has a tonne of brand-new material and crazy stunts.

It can be compared to the B-sides of Jackass Forever, to give an explanation. The film gives viewers the chance to see several amusing and daring scenes that essentially weren’t included in the main film.

The Jackass crew has a tradition of doing this because there is also Jackass 2.5 and Jackass 3.5, which both have stunts that weren’t in the original 2 and 3, respectively.

Additionally, Jackass 4.5 also acts as a commentary on the creation of Jackass Forever, with the cast and crew offering their perspectives on what it was like on the set and how production got underway.

Imagine it as the ideal follow-up to Forever and a satisfying new film all at once.

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“So Many Good Things Were Pushed out Of Jackass Forever”

When discussing Jackass 4.5 with Rolling Stone, Johnny Knoxville argued that because Jackass Forever was so outstanding, 4.5 turned out to be as strong as it is:

It is robust. When the rating is 4.5, you know the movie is strong. For whatever reason—perhaps they were comparable to something else we had in the movie, or we pulled too many pranks on the cast, or anything—so many fantastic things were cut from Jackass Forever. Something could enter category 4.5 for any number of reasons.

He continued, “It’s also excellent because you can analyze a scenario, conduct interviews, and learn a little bit more about a stunt or prank. And in that one, Compston Darkshark Wilson is more prominent. His fantastic! He’s the funniest person ever!

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The Crew Receives Another Hit

On Twitter, fans haven’t held back from expressing their ardent admiration for Jackass 4.5.

Take a look at a few tweets:

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