Was John Krasinski taken into custody? Let’s go over the Saturday Night Live skit in more detail. Twitter users have complimented the SNL host for 2021.

The triumphant comeback of the venerable program in 2021 has recently brought joy to Saturday Night Live fans.

Although some couldn’t help but question John Krasinski as if he were Jim, his character on the well-known US sitcom The Office, he took on hosting duties for the first episode of the year. I’m actually John, he said in response. Hello.”

Others, though, have a different query for the co-writer, director, and protagonist of A Quiet Place…

Was John Krasinski taken into custody?

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Why Was John Krasinski Arrested?

John Krasinski wasn’t detained, that’s for sure. He and his co-stars appeared in a fictitious Saturday Night Live skit in which they were detained for their role in the Capitol riots.

In the cartoon, John and a few friends were depicted enjoying a game night in a “quarantine pod,” according to USA Today.

When a doorbell rings in the middle of the night, Brad answers it thinking that the group’s pizza delivery has come.

Instead, it’s an FBI agent who has come to take Brad into custody for his involvement in the Capitol disturbance that happened on January 6, 2021.

He tells his friends: “I care about our nation and its Constitution, so I rubbed jelly on a statue and put (Nancy) Pelosi’s phone down my pants.”

More officers show up to arrest the buddies throughout the sketch, with John Krasinski being the last one dragged away.

An agent approaches John and inquires, “Are you Keith Reynolds?” he replies, “Yes, or QDaddy on Facebook,” and requests permission to “fast put on some face paint” before being led away.

He then departs, saying “Good day, everyone,” while holding what appears to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium. This is a reference to the viral “Podium Guy” meme that gained prominence on a global scale.

In light of this, what we have here is a satirical sketch that makes a mocking reference to the riots.

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On Twitter, SNL Fans Express Their Opinions

Numerous viewers and admirers have expressed their opinions on Twitter since John started hosting SNL.

Take a look at a few tweets:

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