What Does P4L Mean on Outer Banks?

Fans were left wondering what the mysterious message from Outer Banks’ season 2 conclusion meant and whether it was an Easter egg for the upcoming season.

Since its July 30th release, when the most recent season of one of Netflix’s most well-liked programs was released, viewers have quickly gone through it.

The acronym “P4L” has been used previously, as keen-eyed viewers may have noted.

The mysterious phrase originally appears in the opening sequence of season 2 episode 1 when JJ, Kie, and Pope carved a heart and inscribed “P4L” after John B’s name to express their sorrow at his presumed demise.

Nine episodes later, when they have failed to find the gold cross, the message reappears, but this time it is written on a tree on the remote island they have temporarily called home.

What exactly does the abbreviation mean then?

Definition of “P4L”

P4L, which stands for “Pogues 4 Life,” is a symbol of their comradery.

Rafe was prepared to shoot the squad’s lifeboat as they sped away from the cargo ship, so even though they fled empty-handed, they are lucky to be alive.

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Despite the team’s future seeming grim on the uncharted, isolated island, John B tries to boost their spirits.

So what do you do when you find a place that is uninhabited by anyone else? As JJ calls their new home, “Poguelandia,” you claim it as your own.

He begins to carve “P4L” on the palm tree since you have to mark it as your area as well.

Will Season 3 Be Announced?

What Does P4L Mean on Outer Banks?

Netflix has not officially confirmed anything, although a continuation is very likely given the cliffhanger character revealed in the conclusion.

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Similarly, Outer Banks quickly earned a Top 10 ranking when the season debuted on July 30. As a result, there isn’t much justification for the platform to decide against renewing the show.

Because season 2 was renewed three months after the first chapter aired, we can anticipate that season 3 will also be renewed in November, with an autumn 2022 air date.

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