In the Outer Banks season 2 finale, Sarah’s family and their squad face off against the Pogue youths on a quest to reclaim the gold cross. They won; did they?

As they search for the $400 million golden cross of Santo Domingo, John B. and Sarah’s quest from season one continues in season two.

The adolescents’ ability to endure in the face of their competitors, Wade and Rafe, the father and brother of Sarah’s Kooks, is something we repeatedly witness.

The teen has found herself in the center of things on occasion, like in season 2 episode 2 when her own brother inadvertently shoots her.

Despite the fact that Rafe wasn’t aiming for her, it was difficult for anyone to escape the heated exchange between her family and lover when there were firearms around.

The last episode brings to a close the arduous search for the gold cross, leaving us to wonder: who won the gold? the Kooks or the Pogues?

The Kooks Get Richer

Add $400 million to the Kooks’ wealth as if they don’t already have enough.

Yes, the treasure is lost after a close battle between the teens and Rafe, who saved the cross from falling into the water.

The Pogues’ future was looking promising when Pope took charge of the crane and extracted the gold cross from its enormous package.

Eberhimi soon manages to rescue the captured captain and crew, and they proceed up to the deck where Cleo is assisting Pope in repositioning the cross.

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Pope commands Cleo to release the rope and leap overboard in order to avoid being shot because she has no defense against armed soldiers. He says softly, “If we can’t have it, no one can,” as he casts the cross into the water as a last option.

Rafe, fortunately for the Kooks (but not the Pogues), realizes Pope’s scheme and dashes to the rope before it disappears overboard.

In actual life, Rafe would have been dragged off the boat by now since the gold ornament is acting as an anchor and pulling him to the edge of the ship. A typical gold bar weighs 12.4 kg (27.4 pounds), therefore this is actually real gold.

Are the Pogues Going to Receive the Gold Cross Back?

What Happens to The Cross in Outer Banks?

Especially now that Pope is aware that he is a direct descendant of Denmark Tanny, an enslaved person who was a passenger on the Royal Merchant ship carrying the riches, we are certain that the teenagers will embark on yet another journey to find the cross.

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Denmark was the only survivor after the ship was thwarted by the weather in 1641, and he used the treasure to purchase his freedom.

It’s likely that Pope won’t give up because of a personal relationship.

Big John, John B’s father, who we know was on the hunt for the gold in season 1 flashbacks, made a cameo appearance in the concluding scenes as well. The teens will undoubtedly confront the Camerons once more with his continued assistance.

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