Given that he is presently participating in streamed e-dates on his channels, several of Adin Ross’ fans were left wondering if he is still with his girlfriend.

The Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber have made the decision to liven up his content by dating other social media influencers online.

Adin assured the public that he is still dating Pamibaby before the public jumped into any assumptions.

What E-Dates Has Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is now having some entertaining e-dates, which are broadcast on his Twitch and YouTube feeds.

A date with adult film star Abella Danger and another with SunKissed is among the dates that the content maker has already published streams of.

Why is Adin Ross Doing E-Dates As He Already Has A Girlfriend?

Adin engages in lighthearted talks with other social media personalities during these branded e-date streams.

Since Abella was unaware that it was an online dating program, many fans found the Abella episode to be particularly amusing. She clarified that she is currently in a relationship and that, if she had known the series’ structure, she wouldn’t have participated.

During the stream, Adin informed her, “It’s a dating show,” but he comforted her that he too has a girlfriend.

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Meet the Friend of Adin Ross

Pamibaby is the name of Adin’s girlfriend. At the time this article was written, nobody knew her real name.

She resided in Houston as well as Dubai, where she was born and reared.

The 21-year-old now has 1.9 million Instagram fans in addition to her over 7 million TikTok followers. She frequently makes an appearance on Adin’s Twitch streams.

Adin disclosed that he intends to wed his girlfriend in the future during a prior episode of the podcast Impulsive.

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Exploration of Pamibaby’s Relationship with Adin

Why is Adin Ross Doing E-Dates As He Already Has A Girlfriend?

Early in 2021, Adin and Pamibaby had their first romantic connection on social media.

With a shared Instagram photo and the message “Sprung. @pamibaby,” the Twitch streamer made their romance public.

Although Pamibaby doesn’t post often on Instagram, she did share two images of herself with Adin in October 2021.

Use the following link to follow her on Instagram, or search for her using the username @pamibaby.

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