In the wake of Twitch’s decision to primarily forbid gambling streams, popular social media influencer Corinna “pouty girl” Kopf called out Pokimane for an old video of hers that appears to “encourage gambling.”

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of debate regarding how common gambling is on the Twitch broadcasting network. Numerous well-known Twitch streamers have recently expressed their opinions regarding the matter online.

On September 18, Pokimane, one of the most popular producers on the network with over 9 million followers, tweeted that gambling streams should be outlawed.

Days later, Twitch sort of accomplished it. Following a policy update on October 18, certain gambling streams and particular gambling websites will soon be blocked from the platform. Many people have responded quickly to the earthquake news with their thoughts.

Pokimane’s initial tweet has received over 310k likes and has been shared more than 7,000 times as of this writing. Pokimane called for the site to outlaw gambling just days after fellow Twitch partner “ItsSliker” was accused of defrauding viewers and other streams of thousands of dollars.

Since Twitch changed its rules, Corinna Kopf, commonly known as Pouty Girl, a fellow video creator, has called Pokimane out.

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In an old video, Corinna Kopf charges Pokimane with endorsing gambling. Kopt shared a number of images from a video Pokimane released over a year prior that showed a room tour and gaming setup in a tweet on September 21.

She began with a straightforward screenshot from the video. The second was a close-up photo of Pokimane’s computer monitors. Kopf draws attention to the content shown on the screen in the close-up photo and assumes it contains gambling-related information.

Corinna Kopf Calls Out Pokimane For Her Hypocrisy on Twitch's Gambling Decision

The old video was then tagged in a tweet by Kopt, who added the hashtag #pokimane, with the statement, “probably should remove,” as it “promotes gambling.”

It’s not clear from the picture, though, whether Pokimane’s screen is showing gambling-related material. She appears to be either watching another broadcast or playing a game resembling Candy Crush, as pointed out by some Twitter users. Pokimane has not yet responded to Kopf’s message as of this writing.

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