On Saturday in Los Angeles, Matthew McConaughey was seen posing for photos.

The actor, 52, was trailed by a multitude of extras as he strode along a downtown street looking dapper in a baby blue suit. He also wore beige sneakers and a white button-down shirt for a casual yet stylish look.

He is a brand partner with Salesforce, and the scene for the commercial included businesswomen, construction workers, and a firefighter, among other occupations. McConaughey, who appeared determined, was at their head.

The images were released shortly after it was revealed that McConaughey’s movie Dallas Sting would be permanently postponed, only six weeks before the primary filming began.

The biographical film, in which McConaughey would have played Bill Kinder, a great women’s soccer coach from the 1980s, was reportedly canceled by the production company Skydance Media, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the publication, the film’s producers apparently received “disturbing allegations concerning portions of the historical story on which the drama was based.”

The Daily Mail reports that claims against Kinder, 83, that were sent in anonymously to the production company led to the movie’s cancellation. According to The Mail, Kinder was accused of groping one player “outside their garments” and using them “inappropriate nicknames” in a letter from an unidentified source written 40 years ago.

Matthew McConaughey Leads a Group Through Los Angeles While Filming Salesforce Commercial

The coach refuted the allegations and claimed the letter “was pretty ambiguous” in a conversation with the outlet.

Kinder claimed that “nothing there ever happened.”

Neither McConaughey’s agent nor Skydance Media responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment right away.

McConaughey, a victim of sexual molestation, spoke about his experience in his 2020 memoir Greenlights. On September 19, he appeared on the inaugural edition of Amanda de Cadenet’s new podcast The Conversation: About the Men, and discussed his experiences with consent.

Cadenet, 50, questioned the actor on how he learned how to approach sexual situations in his adolescence.

McConaughey praised his father for educating him about consent and claimed that his parents had trained him to be respectful in such circumstances.

The actor remembered the scene in an episode clip made exclusively for PEOPLE: “[My father] is talking to me as his son, as a guy in this scenario, and speaking to me about a heterosexual relationship.” If you ever notice a girl hesitating, he advises you to halt.

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