One of Oprah Winfrey’s most iconic television appearances is being revived by Sherri Shepherd.

On her brand-new daytime talk show Sherri on Friday, Shepherd, 55, claimed that Winfrey, 68, had brought her a massive bouquet of flowers. Shepherd used a red waggon to bring the flowers out for her audience to witness during the announcement, recreating the famous Winfrey TV moment.

She added in a YouTube video clip, “Oh my God, let me tell you guys something, I may not have meat in that waggon, but I got flowers from Oprah.

She said, getting down on her knees next to the flowers, “I’m going to do everything from right here next to my flowers from Oprah.”

Later, Shepherd got up from the cart and went to her chair after her team playfully told her she couldn’t do her programme from there.

“What Would Oprah Do?” I had to ask. During the iconic scene in which Winfrey unveiled her new look on her show in 1988 by rolling out a cart filled with fat to reflect the 67 pounds she had lost, Shepherd said while donning a similar attire to Winfrey. Winfrey wore a pair of Calvin Klein size 10 pants on the episode.

“Today, I’ll dress like Oprah. Although I don’t have the meat, I do have the flowers “She kept talking in her own voice. I was looking for an Oprah-style wig, but I believe they retired it; it is now at the Smithsonian.

Shepherd revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Winfrey, 68, had called her to offer advice on running a talk show before she started her new job earlier this month. Shepherd said Winfrey had given her advice on operating a talk show.

Shepherd told the magazine, “I took 15 pages of notes till my fingers seized up. Before getting the call, I texted Winfrey ‘two or three times,'” she added.

She added playfully, “I took a potassium pill because my fingers were cramping and I could no longer write. I responded, “Hold on, I have to memorise this or no one will believe that I’m conversing and joking with Oprah.”

Shepherd went on to say “One thing Oprah said that stuck in my mind is, “Sherri, the programme is not about the ratings, it’s about the atmosphere.” The audience will return the energy in direct proportion to what you put out. You are accountable for it. The mood of the presentation is entirely under your control.”

Sherri Shepherd Reveals Oprah Sent Her Enormous Flower Arrangements, Recreates the Red Wagon Moment!

“I thought that because all I wanted to do was broadcast some popular videos and get people to laugh. But it’s true that what matters is the energy you project, which is why we adore Oprah “Shepherd dispensed.

The Oprah Winfrey Program, which aired from 1986 to 2011 and was the highest-rated talk show of its kind in television history, is credited with launching Winfrey’s career as a talk show host.

Shepherd, a fervent admirer of the legendary talk show host, also revealed to EW that she “was going to frame the 15 pages of notes.”

“I’m not even going to discard them. The notes on the wall will be in my autobiography and in my biopic “She then tacked on. “Nobody is going to believe this,” I remarked, so if I could have recorded Oprah, I would have.

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