Kim Kardashian frequently racks up large bills at her favorite clothing store, Balenciaga, and her choice of accessories on Tuesday may have made fun of that fact.

The reality star wore a pair of Balenciaga’s sought-after, out-of-production credit card earrings when stepping out in New York City to promote Season 2 of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” on “Good Morning America.”

kim kardashian earings

Although the style originally sold for $425, you’ll need to search resale websites nowadays if you want a pair.

One admirer tweeted, “Kim k in a Balenciaga credit card earring feels a little on the nose,” and another questioned, “Are they contactless pay enabled? Does she use her head to tap the payment terminal to make a purchase?

The glossy square-shaped earrings are from Balenciaga’s spring 2020 collection, which was inspired by corporate power dressing and featured designer Demna’s own interpretation of the Mastercard logo. They are reminiscent of the high-end, ultra-exclusive American Express Black Card, but of course with Balenciaga branding.

Kardashian, 41, donned the earrings as part of a complete Balenciaga ensemble that also comprised a furry Hourglass bag ($2,300), a tiger-print pair of “pantyhose” sunglasses, and a black turtleneck with gloves.

Like she did with her jewels, I hope she doesn’t drop one of her earrings in the water.

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