If you’ve lately visited TikTok, you may have noticed that the term “AS” is used in a number of videos. Take a look at what the term “AS” on TikTok means.

TikTok has grown to be a well-known platform where videos may go viral in a matter of seconds. Recently, numerous users have been adding the hashtag and the letter “AS” to their videos, which has puzzled a lot of viewers. Here is all we are aware of regarding the term’s definition.

What Does ‘As’ Mean On Tiktok?

TikTok’s “AS” stands for “Adult Swim.” Several individuals have jumped on this fad that has swept over social media.

People use clips from random videos or images to make their own bumpers or bumps for the Adult Swim craze. The words “[adult swim]” or “[as]” are then written over it.

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Short videos known as Adult Swim bumpers or bumps are shown both before and after commercial breaks. It was an easy approach for the business to promote its channel. These shocks included movies of an antique car, elderly people in a pool, and other things.

The concept of the bumps was to promote the Adult Swim channel by using commonplace items. People continue to appreciate it because of how distinctive it was.

What Is Adult Swim?

American midnight television with an adult audience is known as Adult Swim. Under Cartoon Network, it belongs. This network includes programs like Rock and Morty, Final Space, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and more.

The goal of Adult Swim was to feature various media that catered to teenagers and young adults. In other words, Adult Swim provided a mechanism for Cartoon Network to test airing programs that were not subject to censorship.


With time and increased popularity, Adult Swim received its own unique Nielsen ratings. This was accomplished since the material featured at night differed from what was aired in the morning.

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In 2001, the network officially debuted on its own. The following programs are meant for mature audiences over the age of 18, as stated in the disclaimer that is usually present.

These shows might feature content that many parents would deem inappropriate for kids, such as scenes of extreme violence, suggestive dialogue, and sexual situations.

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