The x-rated video of Slim Santana performing the Buss It Challenge while wearing a white robe stunned online users, and people have been responding to it on Twitter.

In recent weeks, the Buss It Challenge has swept over social media, with people transforming from a laid-back appearance to a fully glam version of themselves. Even celebrities like Chloe Bailey and Monica got in on the fun, and theirs won over fans.

The person usually starts out by swaying to the Hot in Herre sample from Erica Banks’ Buss It. When the chorus fades out, they follow suit. The individual dresses up and dances on the dance floor to Buss It.

In any case, that is how it normally works. This rendition is somewhat different.

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The White Robe Buss It Challenge Video Goes Viral

A person by the name of Slim Santana launched the Buss It Challenge on Twitter, and it quickly became popular. Hers, however, differs slightly from the videos of everyone else. We wouldn’t suggest making special efforts to see it.

Of course, the video is not permitted on TikTok, but once she shared it on Twitter, users of the app responded to it. OnlyFans creator Slim Santana has more than 100,000 Twitter followers.

Let’s look at Twitter’s amusing responses as it’s safe to presume that watching the white robe Buss It Challenge against advice has already tarnished your soul.

Twitter Reacts to Slim Santana’s Video

The video’s most common label among viewers is “too far”:

For the white robe Buss It Challenge, you must be fully prepared.

Who wants to un-see drops?

You were forewarned not to look:

Consider Jordyn Woods’ Buss Instead, does it merit the shine?

the white robe being located Buss It is a challenge in and of itself, and the next challenge is overcoming it:

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