The 11th episode of Business Proposal will air soon. Viewers are curious to find out if Tae Moo and Ha-relationship ri’s would be revealed after Tae Moo’s accident after episode 10 ended on a cliffhanger. Check out the K-SBS drama’s preview and the release date of episode 11 before the episode airs.

There are numerous fan ideas on social media regarding how the well-liked SBS K-drama Business Proposal would end with just two episodes remaining.

Fans of Korean dramas Ha-ri, Tae Moo, Sung Hoon, and Young Seo are also calling for a second season because the webtoon is significantly longer.

Business Proposal on Netflix’s International Release Time

On April 4 at 10 PM KST/9 AM ET, Business Proposal episode 11 will premiere on SBS. The K-drama will eventually be made available on Netflix in a few hours. See below for the Business Proposal Netflix airtime.

Time Zone: Pacific, April 4, 7.30 a.m.

9.30 AM CT on April 4 in Central Time

Eastern Standard Time on April 4th, 10.30 AM

3.30 PM BST on April 4 in Britain

4.30 PM CEST on April 4th, in Europe

8 PM IST on April 4th, India Time

Time in Japan: April 4, 11.30 JST

10.30 PM PHT on April 4 in the Philippines

Time in Australia: April 5, 12 AM AEST

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Episode 11 Preview

There are trailers for Business Proposal episode 11. Ha-ri will run to Tae Moo’s location as soon as she learns that he has been in an accident, according to the most recent pre-released clip posted by SBS.

Although she is asked to leave, the chairman is not at all happy to see her and in a fit of rage accuses Ha-ri of being responsible for Tae Moo’s accident.

Tae Moo, however, interrupted her before she could go, saying, “I’m okay, so don’t be furious at her.” Check out the video here.

In a different preview film, Ha-ri can be seen expressing her concern about seeing Tae Moo’s photos online because she thinks his privacy will be invaded.

Later, the chairman makes a request for resignation from someone. Can Tae Moo and Ha-ri officially disclose their relationship given the drama going on all around them? Within a few hours, viewers will learn. Prior to airing, watch the preview.

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Rating for K-Drama Business Proposal

Prior to finals week, Business Proposal had been amassing strong ratings both domestically and abroad.

Nielson Korea’s chart showed that the tenth episode of Business Proposal received an amazing nationwide average rating of 11.6 percent, according to k-media. The drama has a 9 rating on IMDb internationally.

Are you anticipating episode 11 of Business Proposal? On April 4, watch the drama on Netflix and SBS.

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