YouTube Shorts was just introduced to rival TikTok. As of the time of writing, users in India can access the app’s fully functional version. YouTube Shorts is a beta application that is only available in select regions around the world while being available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Having said that, the steps for uploading a little video from a PC or smartphone to YouTube Shorts are outlined in the parts that follow.

Part 1: How Can a PC Upload a Short Video to YouTube?

In actuality, the method of uploading brief videos to YouTube using a computer is the same as that of posting other types of content. But, in order for the streaming service to recognize your videos as YouTube Shorts, they have to meet certain requirements. These standards consist of:

The length of your videos must exceed sixty seconds.

The photos need to be taken in portrait mode, with a 9:16 aspect ratio if possible.

The hashtag “#Shorts” (without quotation marks) must appear in the description or title.

Following the first two recommendations in the aforementioned list, record a video, and then use the methods below to upload the file to YouTube:

Step 1: Decide Which Short Video to Post

how to upload shorts on youtube

On your PC, open your preferred web browser, navigate to YouTube, make sure you’re logged in, click the Create (Camera) icon in the top-right corner of the page, select files from the Upload videos window, and locate, pick, and upload a little video from your PC to the portal.

Step 2: Mark the Video as Short

After the Details window opens, enter #Shorts in the Title or Description field, choose your favorite radio button from the Audience section, upload a custom picture from your PC, or choose one of the suggested images under the Thumbnail section. If any additional changes are needed, click NEXT. Select your selected elements and parameters in the Video elements window that appears, then click NEXT.

Step 3: Post the Quick Film

how to upload shorts on youtube

To choose a different time for the short film to be published automatically, pick Schedule from the menu under the Save or Publish area of the Visibility box. Lastly, to upload the video from your computer to YouTube as a brief video, click SAVE.

In conclusion, other than the prerequisites mentioned at the start of this post, posting a YouTube Shorts movie from a desktop computer is identical to uploading a conventional YouTube video. We have a video editor called Filmora that’s perfect for YouTubers if you want to edit videos for YouTube Shortson on a computer. Start now by downloading the free trial version found below.

Section 2: How Do I Upload a Short Video to the YouTube Mobile App?

As opposed to the computer technique, uploading YouTube Shorts via the mobile app is a rather straightforward process. You have the option to upload an already-existing video or record a new one directly from within the app, add text and music, and submit it instantly while using it. The details of both of these approaches are provided below:

Please take note that the guidelines for making and posting short videos on YouTube are the same for all platforms and devices.

Method 1: Upload an Existing Short Video

how to upload shorts on youtube

Note: Before continuing, make sure the target video is on your smartphone and that you have downloaded, installed, and registered into the YouTube app.

Step 1: Choose a Video to Post

Start the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone, tap the + (Create) icon at the bottom, select Create a Short from the Create box that appears at the bottom, tap Upload from the bottom-right corner of the following screen, and choose and upload a brief, 60-second portrait-oriented video that you recorded from your device’s storage to the app.

Step 2: Provide Information

To add background music and caption to the video, utilize the Music and Text icons located in the bottom-left area of the screen after selecting NEXT. Lastly, select NEXT from the top-right corner. In the Title area, type the video’s name and the #Shorts tag. Then, select your desired audience by tapping Select audience.

Step 3: Upload the video

Lastly, to submit the brief YouTube video, tap submit in the upper-right corner.

Method 2: Record a Short Video and Upload

Step 1: Record Shorts Video

Since I’ve already covered how to create and submit YouTube Shorts videos, I won’t go into too much detail here.

To add a video to YouTube, hit the + (Add) icon and choose Create a Short. Please be aware that if you are outside of India, the Create a Short option will not be visible to you.

Next, adjust the video speed and countdown timer duration using the Speed and Timer icons, respectively, before the program begins recording the video when you tap the Record button.

To begin recording a video, hit the bottom Record button; to end recording, tap the same button. Make sure you record the video in portrait orientation, preferably with a 9:16 aspect ratio. In the lower-right corner, tap NEXT to move on to the next step.

Step2: Make the Short Video Text and Music-Enhanced

Press NEXT in the upper-right corner of the window that appears after adding background music and a caption to the video using the Music and Text buttons in the bottom-left corner.

Step 3: Post the brief video and upload it.

In the Add details window, select the target audience by tapping Select audience, give the video a name, and include the #Shorts tag in the Create a title field. Finally, touch UPLOAD in the upper-right corner to upload the short video to YouTube.

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