Concerned about how to get rid of the photo backgrounds on your iPhone? With the release of Apple’s most recent iOS 16, several features of the system have been greatly enhanced, so you no longer need to. Its most noteworthy feature is the image cutoff feature that was just introduced.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to delete an image’s background on an iPhone or iPad after updating to iOS 16. In addition, after removing the background from the photographs, you can experiment with more lighthearted parts of them. Okay, let’s get going!

How to Take Out the Backdrop from an Image in Photos

When your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 16, you may use Photos’ built-in photo background remover to instantly and affordably remove backgrounds from images. Learn how to remove the background from the Photo App by following the lessons below.

Firstly, you can locate the photo you wish to cut out the background of by opening Photos and selecting Remove Photo Background.

Hold down the portion of the image you wish to keep, then wait for your iPhone or iPad’s background eraser to automatically take the subject out of the background.

You can see if the picture’s subject looks to be fully encased by the aperture. If so, at this point the picture’s background has already been removed. If not, hold off on removing the background until the desired area of the image is visible.

You can release your finger once the backdrop has been completely eliminated. This will cause a “Copy and Share” pop-up window to emerge. From there, you can either transfer the most recent transparent image to another piece of software or share it with others for additional editing.

How to Use an Internet Background Remover to Remove Background from an Image on Your iPhone

remove background iphone

This online backdrop removal widget tool can be accessed by clicking the button on the screen to erase the background image without any complicated operations. Next, our online background remover for iOS users appears on the screen.

Here’s how iPhone and iPad users can utilize Fotor’s online BG removal tool:

To begin with, open our tool by clicking the “Remove Background for Free” button on the website. Next, choose your photos from Files or Photos by clicking the “Upload Image” option. 

Select the picture that you wish to have its background removed.

In a matter of seconds, our background removal tool will recognize and remove backgrounds from photographs automatically. 

From there, you may begin modifying your transparent image as required. You can use the AI backdrops tool to build your own fashionable backdrops, or you can use our pre-set background changer to swap backgrounds with solid colors.

In addition, all the additional background-related tools at your disposal are prepared to enhance your photograph.

You can then save and use your photographs by clicking the “Download” option on the screen.

How to Take Out the Background from a File Picture

You may also get an iPhone picture with a white background by using the Files app instead of the Photos app. Learn how by continuing to read.

Launch the Files app and select the file you wish to convert to a transparent image. The backdrop may be removed from any image format in a couple of seconds using the iPhone’s background removal feature.

Press and tap the file to bring up a pop-up window. You can easily locate the “Quick Actions” option in the pop-up window if your picture complies with the iPhone background eraser’s guidelines. It will have a tool symbol that resembles a magic wand next to it.

Select “Quick Actions”. A variety of alternatives are available; select “Remove Background” from the list at the bottom. Your file’s background will become translucent after a short while.

Your file with a translucent background can now be applied where you need it.

How to Get Rid of Safari’s Background from Images

remove background iphone

You might be surprised to learn that the background-removing tool that comes with your iPhone or iPad can also be used to remove backgrounds from photographs that you search for in Safari. Many users now find it simple to use this new feature, which makes it straightforward to remove the backdrop from iPhone photographs they see online.

Look for a picture in Safari first, then give it a quick tap and hold. A pop-up window will manifest itself.

Upon selecting “Copy Subject” from the pop-up box, the iPhone’s background remover will automatically distinguish between the image’s topic and backdrop, eliminating the background.

In conclusion

If you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 16 or later, we show you in this blog how to remove backgrounds from photos using the software that comes with the device. Photos, Files, and Safari all allow you to easily remove backgrounds, and the transparent images you make can be shared or utilized in other applications. Additionally, the Fotor app for iOS allows you to edit more images and eliminate backgrounds all in one location.

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