Software issues are typically to blame when you run into a black screen while using the iPhone’s Camera app. Restarting the device, updating iOS, or ending the camera app are fortunately ways to resolve software problems. On the other hand, a hardware issue with the camera or an object physically obstructing it could also be the cause.

The outstanding camera that iPhones are equipped with is among the things in which owners take the greatest pride. Consequently, when the blank camera screen issue occurs, it can be extremely annoying. This issue with iPhone cameras was encountered by a couple of my relatives. I can usually figure it out after some troubleshooting. Sharing such fixes is now necessary.

I have the fundamental instructions you need to resolve the black screen on your iPhone camera. Straight to the point: let’s get specific.

How to Fix Black Camera Screen On iPhone?

Handling the black screen on an iPhone camera can be a nuisance, particularly when it might appear out of the blue. Luckily, it may be possible to solve it more quickly than you thought if you use the options listed below.

Check for Physical Obstructions

As soon as possible, make sure that nothing is obstructing the camera lens by checking for a black screen in your iPhone camera application.

How many times have you caught with your finger accidentally on a lens?

It may be included in your phone case as well. If the case is one of those that has a cover for the camera, or if you put it on the incorrect way, for instance.

Switch Between Front and Rear Camera

Occasionally, the black screen in the Camera app may be caused by a small software error. By switching cameras, you can fix this.

Switch to the rear camera and then back to the front, for instance, if you’re trying to use the front one.

You just need to click on the small camera icon with the circular arrows to accomplish this. Any iOS device’s Camera app will have it in the lower right corner.

Clean Camera Lens

iphone camera black

The screen going dark every time you open your camera is not just the result of a filthy or grubby lens. You may be seeing something different, though, if there is something adhered to the dirt on your camera lens.

If so, all you need to do to resolve the issue is wipe the lens clean with a microfiber cloth.

Close the Camera App

  • A blank screen in the Camera app may be the consequence of iPhone software issues. To reset any issues that may be causing this issue, close the application.
  • The App Switcher must be accessed in order to terminate an application. Which iPhone model you have will determine how to accomplish this.
  • Use a downward swipe to access the upper screen on an iPhone equipped with Face ID. Double-tap the Home button on any iPhone that has one.
  • You will see cards for each open app when the App Switcher is displayed. You may exit the Camera app by swiping it up and down.
  • Occasionally, the Camera app may experience interference from other applications. Especially for other apps with camera features, this is accurate. For greater thoroughness, you can close every open app.

Turn Off  Voiceover

iphone camera black

The accessibility function VoiceOver can cause issues with the Camera app, albeit it’s unclear why it’s activated in your iPhone’s settings. Your iPhone can read aloud what’s on-screen with this voice-over capability.

  • Launch “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Choose “Accessibility” after navigating there.
  • Choose “VoiceOver”.
  • Turn the screen’s toggle off at the top.

Update the iOS version

System updates can resolve significant flaws or glitches in the program. The iPhone camera black screen issue could be resolved by updating your iOS version.

  • It is easy to update iOS to the most recent version. All you have to do is take these actions:
  • Open up “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Go with “General”.
  • Click “Software Update.”
  • The option to “Download and Install” will appear if there is an update available. “Install Now” indicates that it has already been downloaded. Any option that appears should be selected.
  • Depending on the size of the update and the speed of the network, the update procedure could take a few minutes to one hour.

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