There are various solutions available to address issues with your iPhone’s ear speaker function. Every one of them will be explained to you.

Your iPod touch or iPhone may not be able to use its ear speaker. Maybe nothing comes to your ears. Alternatively, it could seem muffled or far away. To solve iPhone ear speaker sound difficulties, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Increase the Ear Speaker Volume

It’s possible that you unintentionally turned down the volume on your iPhone’s ear speaker to an unbearable level, even though you can’t mute it. The loudness Up button can be continually pressed to raise the loudness while making or taking a call.

Choose Ear Speaker as Audio Destination

In the event that your iPhone isn’t producing any audio, make sure it’s designated as the audio destination and not your AirPods or another frequently used Bluetooth headset.

If you want to do that, choose the iPhone by tapping the Audio symbol while on the phone. As an alternative, disable the Bluetooth radio on your iPhone or switch off any Bluetooth-enabled devices (open Control Center, then select Bluetooth).

Check the Audio for the Speakerphone

iphone ear speaker not working

The sound of your ear speaker being weak, crackly, or muffled could also be caused by poor cellular connectivity. Press and hold the Audio icon while on the phone, then choose Speaker to confirm. You need to take the following action if calls sound the same:

Flip the Airplane Mode on and off.

If the signal indicator is at least half full, move to a location with better cellular reception.

Turn on call-making via WiFi.

When a pop-up window asking you to update your carrier settings appears, go to Settings > General > About.

Disable Noise Cancellation on Your iPhone

By lowering background noise levels and improving the clarity of phone calls, your iPhone’s Phone Noise Cancellation feature works. However, occasionally it may malfunction and the ear speaker will not function at all. See if it makes a difference after turning off the sound.

Turning off the switch next to Phone Noise Cancellation requires opening the iPhone’s Settings app, and selecting Accessibility > Audio/Visual.

Restart the iPhone

Another easy cure for unforeseen software-related issues that prevent your iPhone’s ear speaker from operating is to restart it.

Click General > Shut Down in the Settings app, then move the Power icon to the right to restart any model of iPhone. Once the Apple logo appears, wait for 20 to 30 seconds while holding down the Side button.

Clean the Ear Speaker Grill

iphone ear speaker not working

It’s normal for perspiration, grease, and debris to build up in the ear speaker grill of your iPhone after extended use, which might stop sound. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, an anti-static brush, or a Q-tip to gently clean it. Stay away from liquids, like rubbing alcohol, as they can harm the ear speaker irreversibly.

Get Your iPhone Out of Headphone Mode

When using your iPhone, do you wear headphones or wired earbuds? Frequently, even after taking off your headset, the audio gets locked in headphone mode. The Control Center’s Volume slider will then show the Headphone icon.

If you don’t get your iPhone out of Headphone Mode, switching to the ear speaker manually during a call may become a recurring issue. In order to accomplish that:

Take off and replace the headphones that are plugged into your iPhone.

Compressed air should be used to clean up the headphone jack or Lightning connector; avoid sticking the nozzle inside as this could harm internal components. Also, you can use an interdental brush to loosen any lint or muck that has become lodged inside.

Remove All Screen Protectors and Cases

iphone ear speaker not working

Protective screens and thick covers might obstruct your iPhone’s earpiece, making it seem as though it is broken. Take a look at whether it helps to make a phone call without any possible obstacles.

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