When we are in meetings, working in an office, or studying in a library, we usually turn our gadgets to silent mode. But occasionally, this can lead to the loss of important notifications. You can turn on haptic feedback or vibration in silent mode to address this problem. In this manner, you can quietly and quietly get critical warnings without disturbing others. Here’s how to activate silent mode on your iPhone.

Turn your iPhone’s vibrate feature to silent mode

It’s easy and doesn’t require you to become a nerd to enable vibration on your iPhone in silent mode. To access Sounds & Haptics, just launch the Settings app. Now select the Play Haptics in Silent Mode toggle by scrolling down. Is that all?

How to Turn on the Silent Mode on Your iPhone

You won’t be able to use the Play Haptics in Silent Mode option if your iPhone is running an older version, such as iOS 15 or lower. Instead, your device will display the Vibrate on Silent option.

Other than that, it’s the same procedure; simply select Sounds > Vibrate on Silent.

How to Turn on the iPhone’s Silent Mode (iOS 15)

Tailor iPhone Vibration Patterns

  • You may quickly change the default vibrating patterns on your iPhone if you prefer. As follows:
  • Once more, launch the Settings app, then select the Sounds & Haptics area.
  • Choose the desired tone under Sounds and Haptics Patterns, and then select the Vibration option. We will use Ringtone in this instance.
  • Once there, choose your preferred vibration pattern.

Select your iPhone’s Vibration Patterns

Is that all? It appears that you have successfully altered your iOS device’s vibration patterns.

  • On the iPhone, create and utilize custom vibration patterns.
how to make iphone vibrate on silent
  • The iPhone also gives you the option to design and utilize your own unique vibration in quiet mode. This is a short manual about it:
  • Select Sounds and Haptics > Settings > Ringtone (or any other tone from Sounds and Haptics Patterns) > Vibration.
  • After you’re there, choose Create New Vibration and begin recording your vibration patterns by tapping the screen.

On your iPhone, make a new vibration

Next, you can hit the Record button to resume recording or the Play button to play the vibration that was recorded.

When you’re satisfied with it, select Save, type the name of the vibration, and press Save.

how to make iphone vibrate on silent

Click Save to Set Your Own Custom Vibration

The new vibration pattern will be instantly matched to your personalized vibration. If not, you have the option to choose it manually.

Things to Keep In Mind

You cannot make the Play Haptics in Silent Mode option work if you have turned off vibration on the entire system. Make sure the vibrating option is on by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and making sure it isn’t deactivated.

It’s also important to remember that certain tone kinds do not cause the vibration to stop.

Silence Is Precious

You can prevent distractions and maintain focus on what’s important by keeping your phone in silent mode. To make sure you don’t miss any crucial calls or notifications, it is often preferable to have the vibration on silent mode. Now that you know how to make your iPhone vibrate while in silent mode, you can also learn how to share a Wi-Fi password or lock messages on your phone.

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