I adore FaceTiming with my loved ones and cherish Apple products more than fruit. I’m currently obsessed with my iPad because of the built-in share screen ability.

Now you may go at old pictures on the same screen and enjoy the nostalgia for the wonderful times past. Even better, you don’t even need to be in the same room to present ideas to potential clients with your partner. Before long, distance will just be a number.

You will therefore learn how to screen share on an iPhone from this post.

Set up Screen Sharing on the iOS Device

Version 11 of iOS allows iOS mobile devices to broadcast or share their screen with other apps, including the BeyondTrust customer client app. But before using screen sharing from an iOS device, the user needs to set up the device to take advantage of this feature.

  • Select Control Center under Settings on the iOS device.
  • Next, select Customize Controls.
how to share screen on iphone
  • Locate and press the Screen Recording option by swiping down to the More Controls area. Next, under the Include section, Screen Recording will show up. Now, other programs can start to see the iOS device’s screen broadcast.

Launch Screen Sharing from an iOS Device with the BeyondTrust Remote Support Customer Client

Once an iOS device’s screen-sharing feature is activated, users can utilize it to share their screen with a help desk agent. In order to more effectively troubleshoot problems with iOS applications or the mobile device itself, this enables the representative to examine the user’s screen in real-time. Use the instructions below to begin screen sharing with a BeyondTrust Remote Support customer service professional.

  • Launch the iOS app, BeyondTrust Remote Support Customer Client.
  • Enter the session key that the representative gave you along with the site name. Press Enter.
  • The chat dialog box opens as soon as the representative accepts the session.
  • To view additional iOS settings, scroll up from the bottom of the screen while in the customer client.
  • Give the Screen Recording icon a firm push.
  • Select BeyondTrust Support from the Screen Recording popup.
how to share screen on iphone
  • Select “Start Broadcast” next. The start of the broadcast is indicated by a countdown that appears.
  • A narrow red bar will show up at the top of the screen when screen sharing is active. Screen sharing is underway as long as the red bar is visible.
  • The representative views everything on the device’s screen from the rep console, and the user can switch between apps while screen sharing.
  • The rep and user can carry on chatting during the broadcast. The representative sends chat bubbles to the user at the top of the screen, and all they have to do to reply is tap the bubble to start typing.
  • When the user wants to stop broadcasting their screen, they just need to tap the red bar and select Stop from the menu that appears.

Tips for Sharing Screens on iOS 11

Press the Start Broadcast icon firmly to start a broadcast. The iOS device will automatically decide to share the screen recording with the camera roll rather than the BeyondTrust app if it is just tapped.

Make sure the iOS device’s BeyondTrust Remote Support customer client is still operating while you share your screen. The device may disconnect from the session if you close the client while the broadcast is in progress.

To resume getting help, the user needs to go back to the customer client as soon as screen sharing is terminated.

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