You can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, but you’re not sure why you can’t access the internet. Even the Wi-Fi symbol at the top of your screen signals that everything is well. Upon opening the Settings app and selecting Wi-Fi, you may encounter the message “No Internet Connection.” You could occasionally not even receive this error message. Nevertheless, iPhone Wi-Fi is unusable.

Hence, this post is for you if you have an iOS device—i.e., an iOS 17, iOS 16, iOS 15, iOS 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE—that is connected to wifi but not the internet. I’ll describe the reasons behind your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection but lack of internet access in this troubleshooting tutorial and walk you through a permanent solution!

iPhone is linked to WiFi, however, it is not connected to the internet
In a common case of this kind, the iPhone shows that it is unmistakably connected to the WiFi network, but in reality, it has no internet connectivity and won’t connect to any websites.

This issue could arise for a number of reasons. ranging from simple program errors to erroneous or corrupted network configurations and beyond.

1. Restart iPhone

iphone connects to wifi but no internet

If your iPhone is having trouble connecting to the Internet, try restarting it to unclog any stalled apps or processes.

Select Shut Down by scrolling down and tapping on Settings > General. Utilize the Slider to turn off your iPhone on the subsequent screen.

Permit iPhone to shut down entirely > Wait 30 seconds. Try to get online after restarting your iPhone.

2.  Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Turning on and off airplane mode is the quickest way to reset and refresh all of your iPhone’s antennas.

Navigate to Settings > Airplane Mode and flip the toggle to the ON position.

Toggle Airplane Mode off after 30 seconds by turning the toggle to the OFF position.

3. Renew DHCP Lease

iphone connects to wifi but no internet

The DHCP lease may have expired, which would explain your iPhone’s lack of internet connectivity.

Select your Wi-Fi Network Name by going to Settings > Wi-Fi. Select the option to Renew Lease by scrolling down on the subsequent screen.

Tap Renew Lease to confirm on the confirmation pop-up.

4. Install Updates

On occasion, the issue arises from updates that are pending installation on your device.

Select General > Software Update under Settings. Permit iPhone to search and install updates on the following screen (if available).

5. Forget the WiFi Network and Rejoin

Make a note of your WiFi password and go to the instructions listed below to forget your network and reconnect.

Select your WiFi network by going to Settings > WiFi. Press the “Forget This Network” option on the next screen.

Select “Forget” from the confirmation pop-up menu to confirm. To join the network, tap your WiFi network after 30 seconds and input your password.

6. Turn OFF WiFi Assist

iphone connects to wifi but no internet

The attempt by your device’s WiFi Assist feature to automatically transfer your iPhone from WiFi to the cellular network could be the cause of the issue.

Select Settings > Mobile > Toggle Wi-Fi Assist off on the following screen by turning the toggle to the OFF position.

7. Disable VPN

If your iPhone is connected to a VPN, turn it off and check if you can still access the internet.

Select General > VPN under Settings. Slide the Status toggle to the OFF position on the following screen.

8. Reset Network Settings

It is important that you write down your WiFi network password before following the instructions to reset your iPhone‘s network settings.

Navigate to Settings > General > Mail or Reset iPhone > Reset. Choose the Reset Network Settings option that appears.

When prompted, input your Lock Screen Password. Then, select Reset Network Settings from the confirmation pop-up menu.

Next, see if the issue with the iPhone not connecting to WiFi has been resolved by connecting it to a WiFi network.

9. Restart Modem/Router

iphone connects to wifi but no internet

If following the preceding procedures did not solve the issue, there may be a modem/router fault.

Use the ON/OFF button (if provided) or disconnect the power line from the wall socket to turn off the modem’s or router’s power supply.

Turn on the modem/router’s power supply after waiting 60 seconds.

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