Instagram debuted Quiet mode, which disables all app notifications, to encourage users to spend more time on topics that are important to them. While users can prevent distractions by using their device’s Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, Quiet mode has unique advantages of its own. Having said that, here’s a brief walkthrough that shows you how to enable and disable Instagram’s silent mode for iPhones and Android smartphones.

How to choose an end time for Quiet Mode on IG?

Setting an end time for Instagram’s Quiet Mode lets you schedule a time to get back to notifications—kind of like getting rewarded for finishing a task—instead of having to turn the feature off one by one.

Quiet Mode on IG

Here’s how to set an Instagram Quiet Mode end time:

  • Visit the profile page.
  • In the upper right corner, click the icon with three lines.
  • Choose Preferences.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Press the Silent Mode button.
  • Slide through the available choices to select the start and stop times and turn on Quiet Mode.

How to turn off Quiet Mode on IG

how to turn off quiet mode on instagram

If you still have some time left on your Quiet Mode, don’t worry; turning it off is as simple as turning it on. It’s easy; there’s no need to worry!

IG Quiet Mode can be disabled as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app, then select your profile.
  • In the upper right corner, press the three-line icon.
  • Go into Settings.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Turn it off by selecting the Quiet Mode option.

Advice on preventing social media fatigue

Have you ever searched for tips online to prevent burnout from social media only to find a plethora of blog entries offering cliched remedies like “check in with yourself,” “ask for support,” and “go for a hot girl walk”?

Smaller teams don’t always have the option of requesting a different colleague for assistance because one isn’t available!

Additionally, putting off chores in favor of a sexy female walk just makes stress levels rise.

Here are some practical advice that you can put into practice right now to prevent social media burnout:

1. Activate Instagram’s Quiet Mode

Especially for social media managers, it’s simple for an Instagram message to escalate into a lengthy discussion!

While really putting away your phone can be difficult, Instagram’s Quiet Mode seeks to make your scrolling experiences more deliberate in order to lessen the sensation of social media weariness.

2. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

how to turn off quiet mode on instagram

Businesses that want to interact with customers and establish a strong brand presence on social media must be consistent. But if you don’t have the necessary tools on hand, it’s easily a one-way ticket to burnout city!

By letting you concentrate on other things instead of worrying about continuously updating your social media accounts, planning ahead for social media postings might help you avoid burnout.

Are you bound to a yearly agreement with another SMM tool? For the duration of their agreement with a rival tool, Vista Social is providing businesses with FREE plans. To find out more, speak with sales!

3. Create saved answers

Save your answers to questions so you can use them later when similar ones arise on social media, rather than answering the same ones over.

4. Set up social listeners

As a social media manager, are you having trouble unplugging during your “off-work hours”? A tool for social media listening can be useful! You can simply keep an eye on and track mentions of your brand and product-related keywords on all social media sites.

You will be alerted right away to respond to any conversations that require your attention. Work-life balance is here to stay! Bid farewell to stress-checking your social media accounts all day long!

5. Be selective with whom you follow

Accounts that are stressful or no longer useful to you can be unfollowed or muted. It might be challenging to stay up to date with crucial information and updates when you follow too many accounts, as this can result in an excessive amount of content.

Take some time to “clean out” the accounts you follow so that the only ones remaining are carefully chosen to fit your objectives and areas of interest! In addition to helping you concentrate on inspiration and pertinent information, this can draw clients who value the same things.

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