Is the App Store missing from your iPhone and you’re not sure why? To enable you to download and update apps, we’ll quickly walk you through the process of getting the App Store back on your iPhone or iPad in this video.

Check the App Library

It’s simple to hide any program from the Home Screen, including the program Store, if you use an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14, iPadOS 15, or later. Still, you ought to be able to locate it in the App Library.

After reaching the last page of the Home Screen, swipe left one more to access the App Library, where the App Store is located under the Utilities section.

To restore the App Store to your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen, just long-press the App Store app icon in the App Library and select Add to Home Screen.

Advice: In addition to using the App Library, find out how to locate hidden programs on the iPad and iPhone.

Using Spotlight Search on the iPhone and iPad provides an even quicker method to locate the program Store—or any other program, for that matter. To search on any Home Screen page, swipe down. Then, type “App Store” into the search field and press “Go” to launch the App Store.

Drag the App Store icon from the search results and drop it on any Home Screen page to add it to the Home Screen.

You can find the App Store in the App Library, but it won’t appear in Spotlight Search. Here’s what you need to do:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.
  • Select App Store by swiping down.
  • Press Siri and Search.
  • Activate the switch adjacent to “Show App in Search.”
  • Go out of Settings and give the App Store another go.

Disable Restrictions via Screen Time

how to get app store back on iphone

Your iPhone or iPad probably has a Screen Time limitation that keeps it from installing apps if the App Store isn’t found in the App Library or Spotlight Search. Its removal will cause the App Store to reappear. In order to accomplish it:

  • Select Screen Time once the Settings app is open.
  • Click on Privacy & Content Restrictions.
  • Select Purchases from iTunes & App Store.
  • Put your passcode for the screen time limits in.
  • Advice: Can’t remember your Screen Time passcode? This is the method for resetting it with your Apple ID.
  • Choose Installing Apps.
  • Change the Don’t Allow setting to Allow.

Note: Make sure to check and set to Allow any applicable limitations under the iTunes & App Store Purchases screen if you are also experiencing issues with uninstalling apps or making in-app purchases.

Still Unable to Find the App Store? Try These Solutions

Sometimes, even after following the above instructions, you may still be unable to find the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. The likely reasons and fixes are shown below.

Verify the MDM and Configuration Profile

It’s likely that an MDM (mobile device management) or configuration profile is preventing you from accessing the App Store if your iPad or iPhone is company property.

Click Settings > General > VPN & Device Management to verify. If there is one, contact the IT department of your company for help with accessing the App Store.

Update iOS/iPadOS to Latest Version

Let’s say you recently updated to an early version of a significant iOS or iPadOS release (such as iOS 16). In that scenario, a serious technical problem that is preventing you from accessing the App Store may be your problem. Give your iPad or iPhone a restart. If it doesn’t work, the issue might be fixed by installing any pending updates. In order to accomplish it:

  • To access the software update, open the Settings app on your iOS device and select General.
  • To install, tap Download.
  • Await the automatic system software update.

Reset Home Screen Layout/Settings

  • Try rearranging your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen layout if the missing App Store problem continues. Or, return the gadget to its original configuration.
  • To access General, open Settings.
  • Choose iPhone > Transfer or Reset > Reset.

Make use of these reset choices:

how to get app store back on iphone

Reset the layout of the home screen: this removes personalized home screen folders, reveals pages, and puts apps back where they were. On the initial Home Screen page, the App Store should be visible.

Reset All Settings: This option brings your iPhone or iPad back to its original settings without erasing any data—aside from Wi-Fi networks that you have saved—and resolves conflicts that may have arisen from different iOS and iPad settings.

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