Though Instagram is mostly recognized as a visual medium, it also has an abundance of audio material, including podcast snippets, DIY instructions with captivating soundtracks, motivational speeches, and brief music clips. But there isn’t a simple “download audio” option on the platform. Still, there are tons of ways and resources out there to assist you in recording and storing those enthralling noises from Instagram. We’ll look at a number of methods for getting audio from Instagram in this in-depth article.

Examining Third-Party Websites or Apps

Find the Instagram post that contains the audio you want to download. It could be a solitary audio clip, a video, a narrative, or a reel. This is known as the target post.

Take a copy of the post’s URL. Click the three dots (•••) in the post’s upper-right corner, then choose “Copy Link.”

Tools from Third Parties: Look into trustworthy websites or applications from third parties that are experts in removing content from social media networks. Copy the URL and paste it into the space provided on the website or application.

Downloading the Audio: To process the URL and create the audio file, follow the directions on the website or application. To download the audio file to your device, most websites provide a “Download” or “Save” button.

Leveraging Screen Recording

download ig audio

Access Screen Recording: A lot of smartphones come with built-in screen recording features, including both Android and iPhone models. You can enable this function using the quick settings or control center on your smartphone.

Play the Audio: Locate and open the particular Instagram post that has the desired audio, then press play.

Start Recording: Press the start button to initiate screen recording, and make sure the audio playing on your device is recorded. Modify the sound configuration to enable internal recording of audio.

Stop and Save: After the audio has been recorded on your screen, stop the recording and store the file on your device.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Permissions and Copyright: When downloading music from Instagram, it is important to adhere to copyright laws and ownership rights. Certain audio files might be copyright-protected. Prior to downloading or sharing anything, make sure you have the required authorizations or that the content complies with fair use laws.

Format and Quality: The downloaded audio may have different formats and qualities depending on the method utilized. Options to choose preferred audio formats or quality levels may be available on some tools or websites.

Storage and Usage: When downloading audio files, take into consideration how much space your device has available. To effectively manage space, take into account the planned use and storage of these audio files.


Instagram’s soundscape is just as colorful and varied as its image. Though the platform does not have an inbuilt ‘download audio’ feature, you can still enjoy and save your favorite audio material from the site by using third-party applications or screen recording features.

Always remember to respect the rights and permissions of content creators and abide by Instagram’s terms of service when downloading or sharing audio content.

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