It is convenient to have your emails synced across your Mac and iPhone. But if you’re attempting to work, getting a lot of iMessage notifications could be bothersome and distracting. It is recommended that you disable iMessage on your computer if this is occurring to you. This post offers a thorough how-to for disabling messages on your Mac.

How does iMessage work?

You can send and receive free texts with other iPhone users using Apple’s texts app (formerly known as iMessage on older versions of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS). You may read and send SMS from your Mac to someone’s iPhone, for example, and the service can also be synchronized across all Apple devices via iCloud.

Sending texts over the Internet gives iMessage its enchantment, and it also doesn’t go against your SMS allotment. When you send a regular SMS or MMS, the service automatically determines the recipient’s operating system; if it’s an iMessage device, your contact will get iMessages rather than regular SMS or MMS.

Disabling iMessage first will block Apple from sending SMS using the app if you’re moving to a non-Apple phone or tablet. If not, you won’t get any more responses.

How to mute messages on a Mac

You must go to System Preferences if you wish to turn off notifications from the Mac’s Messages app. Observe these actions:

  • Go to System Preferences and Open.
  • Access the Notifications & Focus area.
  • From the list of programs, scroll down and choose Messages.
  • Click the “Allow Notifications” toggle button to turn it off.
  • You won’t be bothered with notifications after doing these steps, but you will still receive messages on your Mac. To read them, you’ll need to manually open the app.
  • Additionally, you can customize notification preferences and choose the kind of pop-ups and ads that show up on your screen when you receive an SMS.

How to disable iMessage on a Mac

Prior to outlining the procedure for disconnecting iMessage from a Mac, let us elucidate the consequences of disabling messaging within iCloud on your Mac.

You can opt out of receiving alerts by logging out of your account. Disabling Messages on a certain device in iCloud is an additional choice. In this instance, messages are still being sent to you on other Apple devices that are linked to the same iCloud account.

Follow these instructions to sign out of your Apple ID and cease receiving iMessages on your Mac:

  • Launch the Mac app Messages.
  • Choose Preferences by clicking on Messages in the menu bar.
  • Open the iMessage tab.
  • To sign out, click the button next to your Apple ID.
  • Verify that this action was taken.
  • iMessage will not be available to you going forward.

Do the following if you would rather keep your account logged in:

  • Go to the Messages app’s Preferences.
  • Uncheck the box next to “Enable Messages in iCloud” on the iMessage tab.
how to mute messages on mac
  • Select “Disable This Device.”
  • All the information will download to your computer when you select Disable This Device, and you won’t get any more iMessages on your Mac.

How to silence all notifications on a Mac

Alternatively, you can utilize the Do Not Disturb mode on your Mac to turn off notifications for specific apps for a predetermined amount of time. Choose one of the below guides based on your preferences.

How to turn off notifications for certain applications:

  • Go to System Preferences and Open.
  • Access the Notifications & Focus area.
  • Turn off the notifications for each application you want after quickly going through the list on the left.

How to use the Focus modes to silence notifications on a Mac

  • Go to System Preferences and Open.
  • Access the Notifications & Focus area.
  • Go to the Focus tab.
  • Click Applications in the Do Not Disturb area.
  • Here, you can add apps that you want to receive messages for even when in Do Not Disturb mode by clicking the Plus (+) symbol. As an alternative, you can leave this area blank to disable notifications from any application.
how to mute messages on mac
  • Next, each time you want to disable notifications, choose Control Panel → Focus → Do Not Disturb from the menu bar. You have the option to leave this mode on for an hour or the entire day till dusk.

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