My AI on Snapchat has been a source of debate and, for many, annoyance. Located at the top of your chat stream, this artificial intelligence chatbot can be both fascinating and obnoxious. In case you consider it more of an annoyance, you’re at the correct location. You can unpin and delete My AI from your Snapchat chat stream by following the guidelines in this article.

What You Need

Prior to beginning the unpinning procedure, confirm that you have the following:

Snapchat App: Make sure the most recent version of the app is installed on your device.

Snapchat Account: Ideally, you are currently signed into your Snapchat account.

Internet Connection: To complete the process, a reliable internet connection is needed.

Quick Guide to Unpin and Uninstall My AI from Snapchat

When You Unpin My AI, What Takes Place?

You can have a more clutter-free Snapchat experience by unpinning My AI so that it doesn’t show up at the top of your chat stream.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Unpinning My AI

how to unpin ai
  • Open Snapchat: Turn on your device’s Snapchat application.
  • Go to the chat screen. To view your conversation feed, swipe left from the camera screen.
  • Hold down the My AI conversation window to see additional options by long pressing on it.
  • Get Chat Settings Access: After giving it a lengthy press, tap on “Chat Settings.”
  • Delete My AI: Choose the option labeled “Clear from Chat Feed.”

What Happens After Unpinning?

My AI will no longer be at the top of your conversation feed after you’ve properly unpinned it. But if you want to communicate with it later, you may still reach it through the chat list.

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How to Remove the “My AI” Bot on Snapchat from the Chat Feed

Open Snapchat and Go to Chat: Opening Snapchat and navigating to the chat feed is the same as the previous step.

  • Track My AI: Open your conversation list and find My AI by scrolling through it.
  • Swipe Left: On My AI, swipe left to display the settings icon.
  • Select Settings by tapping the gear symbol that displays.
  • Choose ‘Disable My AI’: To turn off My AI, select this option.

Method for Removing My AI Out of the Settings

  • Select Settings on Snapchat: To access settings, tap on your profile symbol, followed by the gear icon.
  • Navigate to the ‘Who Can…’ segment. Find the ‘Who Can…’ section by scrolling down.
  • ‘My AI’ can be found under this section.
  • Click “Remove My AI.” Press it to verify your activity.

How to Unpin My AI Without Removing It Out

  • If you simply want My AI unpinned and don’t want to delete it entirely, you can accomplish this by doing the following:
  • Click on Chat Settings. To access your chat settings, simply tap on your profile image.
  • To find ‘Pinned Chats,’ navigate to the ‘Pinned Chats’ option under the chat options.
  • Remove My AI: Press on My AI and choose ‘Unpin’.

How to Remove My AI on Snapchat

Detailed Instructions for Getting Rid of My AI Completely

Following these steps will enable you to completely delete My AI from your Snapchat experience:

  • Start Snapchat: Open the Snapchat application.
  • Open the Settings: Press on your Bitmoji in the top left corner, followed by the gear symbol in the top right corner.
  • Select Privacy Controls. Find the “Privacy Controls” area by scrolling down.
  • In order to clear data, tap “Clear Data.”
  • Select “Clear Conversations” by tapping on it.
  • Take Out My AI: In order to delete “My AI” from your chat feed, select the “X” next to it.

After I Remove My AI, What Takes Place?

My AI will vanish from your conversation feed and from the app altogether if you delete it. You’ll have a clutter-free Snapchat experience, but you won’t be able to use AI features like chat replies and lens recommendations.

How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat in 4 Steps

how to unpin ai

Why Does Snapchat Include My AI?

With My AI, Snapchat hopes to improve user engagement and provide a customized messaging experience. However, those who find the function obtrusive have strongly criticized it.

Can My AI Be Removed from Snapchat?

Sure, you can remove My AI, but your options are restricted if you don’t have access to Snapchat+. By paying a $3.99 monthly subscription charge, Snapchat+ users can easily unsubscribe from My AI.

Quick Steps to Get Rid of My AI

  • Open Snapchat: Click to open the app.
  • Visit Chat: Go to the conversation stream.
  • Long Press My AI: Press and hold My AI to see options.
  • Unpin’ or ‘Remove’: Select the relevant choice according to your personal taste.

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