When Samsung produces a new TV model each year, it appears that the power, volume, and other buttons are moved. And these are important buttons, particularly in case you misplace the remote. There is a TV control button on every Samsung TV that allows you to do various things like turn the TV on or adjust the volume and source input. You can access the Menu, Settings, and Smart Hub on the majority of TVs.

The positions of the buttons vary throughout Samsung TV models. On the underside of the TV, it might be located in the center or on the front right. Check the TV’s front right or left bezel or the right side of the TV’s back if you are unable to locate it there. It’s best to refer to the user handbook if you’re still having trouble finding it.

Let’s take a closer look at where the buttons are located on a Samsung TV.

Where Are the Buttons on Samsung Smart TV?

You can find the buttons in the following locations, depending on the model you own.

In the middle of the TV’s Underside

The power button of a Samsung TV is typically located in the center, underneath the device. Feel around under your model and reach underneath to locate it.

On the Front of the TV’s Underside

samsung tv buttons

You might not find it on your first try because of how tough this placement is. Its awful placement and extreme unintuitive are widely acknowledged.

Thus, feel for buttons on the front right if the TV’s underside lacks a central button. This is where the receiver, which is essentially what the remote controls, is located. There is a little power button located behind this receiver.

It’s quite easy to overlook this tiny button, so make sure you look everywhere for it and press all the way around it until the TV turns on or off.

On the Right Bezel or Front Left

Touch control buttons for power and other functions, such as volume up and down and channel control, are found on a lot of Samsung TVs. Usually, the front-right bezel of the TV houses these power buttons. Though it’s quite simple to miss, with close inspection, you can still locate it.

samsung tv buttons

The TV should turn on when you gently tap the area where the power button label is located. In case the touch button is not on the right bezel, you should also check the front-left bezel of some older Samsung TVs.

Keep in mind that it may take a few seconds for the TV to react to your touch, so wait a little while before pushing the button once more.

At the Back of the TV, on the Right

It’s likely that the buttons are located toward the back of the TV, however, it can be a little difficult to reach them if you are unable to discover them in the three locations indicated above.

You have to pull the TV away from the wall and look for the button on the right to see whether it’s at the rear. This is where you should locate a tiny power button. We advise you to try looking for it with a flashlight if you are unable to locate it. To be sure you don’t overlook anything, inspect the left side as a precaution.

Utilize the manual

The next thing to do is consult your TV handbook if the buttons are not located in the previously indicated locations on your device. You can look it up online if you no longer have the handbook. Just be sure to download the correct model and year’s handbook. Your TV’s model number can be found written on the back if you don’t know it.

On the official website, there is a year-by-year archive of all Samsung TV manuals. You will be able to access a comprehensive schematic that indicates the precise locations of every button on your TV as soon as you download it.


Depending on the model year and location, the buttons on your Samsung smart TV are arranged differently, but they are usually located in four locations: in the center or front right of the underside or on the front right or left bezel. You can check the user manual to see the exact locations of the buttons if you’re still having trouble finding them.

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