Alarms are essential to our lives since they not only help us stay awake in the morning but also remind us of our day plans. Not all smartphones have the same alarm function or settings, but they do away with the necessity for separate alarm clocks. This guide will show you how to set an alarm on a Samsung phone if you own one.

Using the app screen, set an alarm on your Samsung phone.

The Apps screen on your Samsung phone is where you should go to set the alarm if you dislike having a ton of widgets on your home screen.

Step1: Open the Clock Application

Take your Galaxy smartphone out of the box, then swipe up from the home screen to access the app’s screen. Normally, the Clock app is located near the top of the first page if you haven’t altered the normal arrangement of the apps. Alternatively, swipe to locate it. Type Clock into the top search box to open the app if you moved it into a folder and are unsure where to look.

Step 2: Select the Alarm Tab

You can set an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer, or several world clocks with Samsung’s Clock app. The program opens the alarm tab by default if you haven’t used any of these features. That tab may open when the app opens, though, if you recently utilized another feature. Inspect the chosen tab located at the lower part of the screen, and choose the alarm tab if necessary.

Step 3: Choose Your Alarm’s Time

how to set alarm on samsung phone

Click the plus symbol to add a new alarm in the alarm tab. To choose the preferred time, swipe the minutes and hours up or down. By entering a name in the textbox, you can give your alarm a name.

You can opt to disable your alarm’s sound, snooze, or vibration, for example. With sound customizations, you may select your favorite Spotify song (you must first subscribe to Spotify), the default ringtone of the Bixby alarm (on Bixby-enabled devices), or the ringtone of your handset.

Additionally, you may decide if you want to create a one-time or ongoing alarm. Use the weekday bar to choose the days of the week for a repeating alarm. On all days you designate, the alarm will sound at the designated hour.

Step 4:  Save and Manage the Alarm

how to set alarm on samsung phone

Once you’re finished, click the screen’s bottom Save button. The Clock app’s primary screen allows you to view the alarm and control it. Until they are canceled, one-time alarms are shown in this list. You can swipe the slider next to each of these alerts to reactivate them. You can drag the bar next to an alarm to deactivate it if you’ve set one and wish to use it just once. The alarm will automatically go back on the next day.

Step 5: Schedule an Alarm

You can also set an alarm on your Samsung phone for a particular future date. Just select the alarm tab, enter the desired time, and then hit the calendar icon that appears just over the weekdays.

Choose the day you want your alarm to go off, then press the Done button to be sure you’ve made your choice. To close the screen if you decide to change your mind while setting, click Cancel.

Click Save to save and schedule the alarm. You may see the scheduled alarm visually on the Alarm app’s home screen. Next to the slider button where you can turn off the alarm, the current day is shown

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