There’s no need to panic if the apps on your Samsung Smart TV aren’t functioning. They are most likely the result of bugs and problems. Usually, the issue can be resolved with some basic network status troubleshooting or a forced reset.

Attempt these self-diagnosis techniques and simple fixes that our technical staff has selected before you freak out and take your Samsung TVs in for repair.

Common Reasons For Freezing Apps

Knowing the following common issues will be useful:

Dated software

Problems Technical

Mistaken Internet Configuration

Issue on the Application

Geographical location is prohibited.

We are unable to investigate each program separately in order to fix it when it freezes. There’s limited functionality while it’s in frozen mode.

5 Simple Fixes for App Errors on Samsung Smart TVs

These are five fast fixes that you can try at any time. It’s worth a try as opposed to shelling out a lot of money for repair services because these are really straightforward.

Samsung TV applications

Samsung Smart TV cold boot

Reset the Smart Hub and apps.

Verify the Wi-Fi network settings.

Updates for software

Modify the IP address and location

Try shutting off your Smart TV and letting them rest for a time if everything else fails. You can use strategy B if the faults continue to occur.

Method 1: Cold Boot the Samsung Television

Firstly, and simplest of all, turn on your smart TV. Here’s where booting differs from merely turning it off: booting causes the TV to restart, which also restarts your TV apps.

Steps for Booting

The methodical procedure you can adhere to is as follows:

First step: Use your TV remote control to hold down the power button.

Step 2: Keep your hand on the remote control until the smart TV turns back on.

Another option is to just unplug the TV from the surge protector.

Step 1: Take the Samsung Smart TV’s power cord out.

Step #2: Re-plug it in after 40 to 60 seconds of waiting.

Your TV applications should be back to normal after completing one or both of these instructions. Go on to the next solution if not.

Method #2: Reset

If you are having trouble booting and your Samsung TV apps are still not working, it’s possible that the issue is with the specific program and not the TV OS as a whole. The procedures to reset your Samsung Smart Hub App Support are as follows:

How Do Smart Hub Apps Get Reset?

samsung tv apps not working

On your Samsung smart television, choose the Smart Hub Screen.

Click the Apps menu button and search for the app that is crashing.

Tap the app, then tap Settings.

Continue to remove and reinstall the application.

After you redownload apps, your smart TV will open the app once more.

The Smart Hub’s Reset Procedure

Resetting your Smart Hub directly is another option available to you. You will need to download your Samsung Smart TV apps again, so bear that in mind.

Galaxy TV Smart Hub

Shut down and open your Samsung TV Smart Hub again.

Click on “Smart Hub Reset.”

Input your pin, if you own one. The default pin is 0000 if this is your first time.

Method #3: Update the App Itself

It’s also possible that the app needs to be updated. Usually, you’ll be informed via a prompt.

You can update an app by going to the Samsung Apps Store and selecting it, though, if the Smart Hub button or any other program has already frozen before upgrading.

Method #4: Check Your Internet Connection

Poor LAN connections or problematic wireless networks will probably cause issues for the majority of streaming apps (such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.).

Your internet connection is actually the primary issue here rather than the Samsung TV software. Try finding a better connection or debugging your modem.

Method #5: Update Your TV’s Software

Software updates are something we frequently overlook, but a smart TV with additional functions needs regular upgrades. You’re set to go once you can accomplish this with ease in the settings.

Method #6: Change Location Settings

samsung tv apps not working

The placement may present issues at times. Certain locations are incompatible with some apps.

Now, compared to the other select support alternatives, this can be more difficult. However, if you follow these instructions, it should still be rather simple.

Access the menu of the Smart Hub.

Once it loads, enter the customary code—which varies depending on the TV model; see your manual—which is 2, 8, 9.

Choose any other nation under “Internet Service Location,” then check the box and accept the terms.

To return it to your original location, wait for the Smart Hub to reload.

Other Solutions

We still have a few more options if none of the above have yet to work:

(Find in the app settings) Delete the cache.

Swap the input for HDMI

In the network settings, change the DNS server to


Hopefully, this may assist in troubleshooting non-functioning Samsung Smart TV apps without the inconvenience and expense of a professional repair.

Mostly, the problems are easy. In order to prevent crashes and freezing problems, it’s also crucial to allow your Samsung TV to take occasional breaks. Nevertheless, you can return to this post at any time for easy solutions.

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