YouTube has altered the game since its inception in 2005. Feeling down? On YouTube, you can watch videos of adorable puppies or listen to your favorite singer. Desire to make a cake? YouTube is available to help! It offers every single item you could ever require. The only issue is that there are commercials! However, YouTube Premium offers another answer for it as well. And if you want your family to be ad-free as well, the YouTube Premium family subscription is the best choice!

This guide will walk you through setting up a YouTube Premium Family account and managing family members once you’ve established a family group. When using YouTube Premium Family on an iOS or Android device, or in a web browser, this information is applicable.

Get Started With a YouTube Premium Family Plan

youtube premium family

With all of YouTube Premium’s advantages, why not share? You may share the advantages of your YouTube membership with up to five other members of your family when you sign up for YouTube Premium Family. With YouTube Premium, you may choose a plan that is expressly made for families, as opposed to setting up a YouTube TV Family Group. Among the services offered by YouTube Premium is YouTube Music Premium.

Invites to participate are sent out through YouTube Premium.

You will be asked to add users to your family group once the registration procedure is complete. Users can be added via the email address or chosen from the supplied list of contacts.

You have the option to forego this step and return to it at a later time.

Including viewers in a YouTube family package.

An email invitation to join your YouTube Premium Family Group will be sent to users. For them to become a member of your Family Group and use YouTube Premium features, they need to click through the email.

You can instantly add people to your Google Family Group by inviting them to join your family group. Since these Family Members are a part of your family group, they will always have access to additional applications and services.

Users can start using YouTube Premium as soon as they accept the offer.

This post will assume that you are already a YouTube Premium Family plan subscriber. If not, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial of the YouTube Premium Family plan but note that beyond that point, the card you put on file will be charged the monthly fee.

How to Manage Sharing YouTube Premium with Family Members

youtube premium family

It is possible to add and remove family members at any time, even though you are asked to do so when you first set up your Family Sharing Group on YouTube Premium.

You can switch up your YouTube Premium Family Members, but you can only do it once a year (per family member). Keep those restrictions in mind if you decide to alter your roster.

After logging into your YouTube Premium account, select your profile by tapping the symbol in the upper right corner.

In YouTube Premium, the Profile option.

Pick Paid memberships from the option that shows up.

As an alternative, you can open a web browser and sign into your Google account before visiting

YouTube Premium’s option for Paid Membership.

Go to the Memberships tab and choose Manage Member.

Next to Family sharing settings, pick Edit from the menu that displays.

It displays the Members page. To add a new family member, select the + symbol.

Alternatively, if you want to exclude a current family member from your family group, just choose their name.

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