Are your Instagram Stories not functioning properly today, and all you’re seeing is a spinning “loading” circle? It may be somewhat annoying, especially for someone like me who is dependent on the app. We will address the problems and solutions for each of the possible causes of this behavior here.

How Can I Fix Instagram Stories’ Issues with Not Working or Loading?

Why am I not able to upload to Instagram Stories right now? If you’re wondering why it might be happening and what you can do about it, these are the answers to your potential questions.

Check your Internet Connection

instagram stories not working

Your internet connection may be too slow or disconnected entirely if Instagram stories aren’t loading. To be sure, be sure to open and utilize additional applications and websites.

Use sites like and to check the speed of your internet.

Try turning off your wifi router, waiting a while, and then reconnecting to check if the speed has improved.

Check if stories are loading by using your mobile data.

This ought should fix the problem if it was connected to your internet service. If the issues seem to be related to your ISP, get in touch with them.

Close the App and Relaunch it

Sometimes, it can just be an annoying bug showing up. Swipe the app off of your background-running apps to end the session and then press the Instagram icon once more to see if this is the case. Users of Android can also go to Settings > Apps > Instagram and press the Force Stop button. Try restarting the app after that to check if you can see any fresh content and if the reels, stories, and feed posts are loading at this time.

Check if Instagram is Down

It’s likely that Instagram is down if your internet isn’t the problem. Reels that don’t work, Instagram stories that won’t load, and a broken timeline could all be signs of this. In a situation like this, your only option is to wait for Instagram to resolve the problems. You may find out more on Twitter by heading over there whenever IG goes down.

Install Instagram again

instagram stories not working

Reinstall the Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store if you believe it’s only you, but first, see whether other Instagram users are experiencing any similar issues. In the event that the servers are not down at that particular moment, this should resolve any problems and allow you to utilize the app.

That covers everything you need to do in the event that your Instagram stories won’t load.


How can I use music in an Instagram story?

Take a sticker and use it to add music to your Story. After choosing the Sticker icon (a square smiling face) in the upper-right corner, choose Music. Following that, you can select a tune to play.

Does your Instagram story have a viewer’s list?

Instagram does reveal the number of viewers of your story along with their usernames. When the narrative opens, look toward the bottom-left corner of the display. A notification titled “Activity” will appear. Click on it to view a list of viewers of the story.

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