Are you exhausted from having the majority of your YouTube videos interrupted by distracting advertisements? We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of an interesting instructional or a riveting video, only to have your attention drawn away by seemingly endless advertising. So, don’t be concerned!

This post will show you four clever methods to view YouTube without annoying adverts. Bye-bye interruptions, hello uninterrupted watching enjoyment. These strategies will alter your YouTube journey & enable you to relish your favorite videos ad-free, whether you’re just a regular YouTube viewer or a devoted content creator. Prepare to take your YouTube binge-watching to the next level!

Ad-blocking solutions may not prevent all YouTube ads, but they are most concerned with manual ads or disrupting watching.

1. Purchase YouTube Premium

Purchase a YouTube Premium membership for ad-free videos until the creator removes them, making it the most efficient method for removing YouTube advertisements. Remove ads, get a premium video content subscription, and enjoy YouTube Music. The family package, in particular, is an excellent bargain. This is a set-it-and-forget solution for all YouTube-watching devices.YouTube content producers and YouTube itself continue to profit from providing valuable service and content, making it a desirable choice.

2. Ad-blocking Apps

Using an ad blocker app on a mobile device is a highly effective approach to prevent YouTube adverts. There are various possibilities, but they are often only available as side-loaded apps on Android. App sideloading is not possible unless your iOS device is jailbroken.

3. Make use of an ad-blocking browser extension.

If you don’t want to pay for a YouTube Premium subscription, your best choice is to use a reliable adblocker. The majority of people have installed adblockers on their PCs to block annoying web advertisements. A YouTube ad blocker works in the same way. To disable adverts on YouTube, simply install a dedicated browser extension, and then you may continue viewing your favorite videos ad-free.
Although its efficiency varies, a decent ad blocker may prevent advertising from loading on every YouTube channel viewed using that browser. Adblocker extensions allow site-specific permissions.

4. To avoid advertisements, use a VPN

VPN services provide an encrypted connection between your computer & a distant server. Concealing location and ensuring ISP unawareness on the internet can be useful for hiding identity and preventing advertisements. This is wonderful for hiding your true location and ensuring your ISP doesn’t know what you’re browsing on the internet, but it may also be used to prevent advertisements. Expensive VPN providers for ad blocking aren’t worth it when there are more convenient alternatives available.
Purchasing a VPN ensures privacy, IP concealment, and online behavior protection, preventing websites from monitoring your online activity.
Using a VPN can mask your location and purchasing patterns, providing advertising algorithms with very little data to work with.

Some VPNs with excellent adblocking capabilities are:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost

5. Download YouTube videos using an app or a website

One method for avoiding YouTube advertisements is to skip viewing videos on YouTube altogether.
Several internet services and software may “rip” videos from YouTube streams and copy the data to local storage. Enjoy free film viewing without ads.

Methods That No Longer Work

Blocking YouTube ads is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. As new approaches emerge, YouTube devises new ways to render those tactics ineffective.

YouTube Vanced, a third-party app, offers ad-free YouTube on Android smartphones. Despite being the most popular option, it was terminated in early 2022. The APK file is no longer supported, meaning it may cease to function if YouTube changes its policies and no one updates the program.

DNS Filtering

YouTube advertising can be blocked using custom DNS servers or providers to block related URLs.Pi-hole, for example, provides network-wide ad-blocking by employing a Raspberry Pi or other suitable device as a personal DNS server.

Is It Worth The Trouble?

There are several methods for avoiding commercials while watching your favorite YouTube videos, but is it worth the effort? YouTube is continually attempting to make ad blockers obsolete. This implies that updating or changing your ad-blocking tactics requires time and effort on your part. Not to mention the possibility of requiring an individual remedy for each device or risking viruses from third-party programs.


Finally, the days of putting up with those annoying YouTube adverts are over. You may now experience uninterrupted YouTube viewing like never before thanks to the game-changing tactics we’ve discussed in this article. Whether it’s through browser extensions, expensive memberships, or investigating different platforms, these solutions allow you to view YouTube without interruptions. So, farewell to invasive commercials, and welcome a flawless, immersive YouTube experience. It’s time to take control of your watching experience and watch your favorite films without interruptions. Have fun watching!

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