More than 90 pieces of footage from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 have leaked online in an unprecedented leak. The videos were leaked and then posted on GTAForums by teapotuberhacker. They stated that they had direct access to them via the internal Slack channel for Rockstar Games.

Robberies, gunplay, open-world driving, and discussions with complete voice acting are all included in the videos. The video looks to support a recent rumor from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier that the game would have a playable female character and be located in a fictionalized Miami, perhaps the Vice City of GTA history. Despite having many functional features, the game is obviously in development as debug programming parts can be seen on the screen.

The tapes’ validity was not in question from the beginning because of their size and level of detail, which would be very difficult to manufacture. Later, Schreier claimed in a Twitter post that he had received confirmation from Rockstar insiders that the leak of the “early and unfinished” video was real and that the situation was a “horror” for Rockstar.

Although Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has started to file copyright claims against videos on YouTube and social media networks in order to remove them from view, the videos are still accessible to download from the links in the original post on the GTA Forums as of the time of writing.

The tapes have already been so widely shared that Take-attorneys Two may be losing the war in their efforts to remove them from the internet.

There are around 50 minutes of video in total. The clips frequently aren’t very long. The female player character is seen stealing a diner, threatening the employees and customers, and pulling a gun on them while they respond in horror in one of the longer films, which is about three minutes long.

The cops are then engaged in a shootout with her and her male companion before they flee in a patrol car. Although the graphics treatment is very realistic, it nevertheless adheres to the GTA house design.

GTA 6 Leaks Vice City and Female Protagonist; Fake or Real?

GTA 6 gameplay leaked

We saw a massive collection of over 90 videos that demonstrate various facets and components of the gameplay for Grand Theft Auto 6 in what appears to be a potentially real leak.

This includes going to the strip club, engaging in gunplay while robbing a store, fleeing from the police in a car, and having a few conversations. The leaks resemble debug components that are often seen during game development. The modules resemble those in GTA V as well.

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What do The Leaks Confirm?

If any of the leaks are accurate, it firstly verifies earlier claims that GTA 6 will have both a male and female protagonist.

Return of Vice City

gta 6 gameplay leaked

It also confirms the likelihood of the Vice City map, which is based on Miami and Miami Beach, making a comeback.

One user on Twitter zoomed in on a leaked video’s police cruiser and observed what is labeled VCPD (Vice City Police Department) (Vice City Police Department).

Yes, I am aware that San Andreas is written on the license plate, but it could be a placeholder for the game model.

These are typically taken from earlier advances. No game developer builds a game entirely from scratch without making use of existing built-in systems.

In certain videos, it can be seen that the test was conducted using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 at 720p with HDR turned off. This might mean that Rockstar optimized the navigation for less powerful systems.

Major references are made to tools and weapons. In a few films, various handguns, smoke grenades, and assault weapons are displayed. One film even featured a golf club (brings back memories of VICE CITY BABY!).

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Are the GTA 6 Leaks Real?

gta 6 gameplay leaked

There appear to be numerous GTA V-related components. Fans have deemed these similarities to be phony due to their startling similarity. The easiest way to cope with such rumors is to examine the online discussions that are raging.

First off, it would take a bit too much effort for a leak of this magnitude to be a simple troll. It is simply too much work to assemble over 90 movies on a hypothetical GTA 6 development and to supply a huge source code segment for the same. However, considering the enthusiasm and buzz surrounding GTA 6, such fanatics may always exist.

The leaked footage also depicts an NPC discussing Lifeinvader and Jay Norris, the tech wizard wasted in GTA V.

There are a lot of incomplete elements. It is so enormous that it reminds one of a young game. Rockstar’s positions suggest that GTA 6 won’t be released before 2024 at the earliest. These videos make perfect sense as a result.

Although many claims that these are fakes, few mention the voiced dialogues and debug components.

Who Leaked GTA 6?

A member by the name of teapotubehacker submitted a zip in the GTA Forums and stated the following:

Here are 90 clips from Grand Theft Auto 6. I might soon release more information, including the GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, as well as a GTA 6 testing build. [sp]”

The individual claimed that a Rockstar official slack group had shared this information.

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