Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, and Gayle King are among the A-list guests in the sold-out arena as Harry Styles concludes his historic 15-show run at MSG.

Last night, Harry Styles ended his remarkable streak of 15 straight performances at Madison Square Garden. He also promoted “Don’t Worry Darling” and “My Policeman” during that time in Toronto, Venice, and New York.

Last seen at the Garden for his exuberant finale were Drew Barrymore, Gayle King, and a beard-sporting Jimmy Fallon. (An unverified sighting of Anne Hathaway also occurred.) Near the end of the event, King entered the stage as she usually does to declare Styles’ run a Big Deal and to provide a banner that will hang in the Garden to commemorate the occasion.

Harry Styles Closes Historic 15 Show Run at MSG

The audience was boisterous and mostly made up of teenage girls. They cherish Harry. Each seat had a different colored polyester boa (now all over my clothes) to commemorate the final night.

Harry is well known for donning boas, which explains this. plus glitter. Since almost everyone was dressed fabulously and sparkling, the crowd appeared to be celebrating Halloween early.

Styles, who is known for his outlandish clothes, was quite reserved. He was dressed in a pantsuit that appeared to have been constructed from Party City wrapping paper and crime scene tape. He may have also been a Men at Work sign with the colors contrasted in a zigzag pattern. But compared to earlier outfits, it was more like a work suit for Harry.

Styles has developed into a phenomenon over the past ten years, transitioning from One Direction to a solo career interspersed with smaller movie performances. He is perpetually upbeat, modest, and outgoing, which is clear why.

His public persona—which may be fairly representative of his inner self—is that of a gregarious, charming man who is a showman with a strong voice. Even though he’s not a particularly talented musician, it doesn’t matter. His natural charisma is what draws crowds. It is genuine. It cannot be produced.

The set is really basic yet round—or actually rectangular—with standing room only on the floor and ramps snaking through the dancing boas on either side. Styles is skilled at handling this time.

He interacted with the crowd, read their placards, and asked them questions, which was undoubtedly among the night’s highlights. He seems completely at peace in this situation, which is surprising considering that there are 20,000 people nearby.

Styles’ solo singles have always been a problem for me because they all seem to be made up of fragments of other songs. With the exception of “Late Night Talking,” the first seven or eight tracks of the night all had the same sound.

But as he sings a stirring cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” the show gains momentum without the help of the continuous, cacophonous screams. His few significant solo singles, like “Watermelon Sugar,” “Sign of the Times,” and “As it Was,” burst into the room with a click.

The conclusion is that this is a man who will stick around for a while. He’ll continue to produce successful films and records. He has a wide range of abilities. He would be the TV host of “The Harry Styles Hour” if this were the 1960s or 1970s.

He could easily play Mick Jagger in a film about the early Rolling Stones since he seems so at ease performing live and not simply singing pop songs. He would be ideal.

Every generation has had its share of pop icons, including Ricky Nelson, Fabian, Elvis, and more recently, Justin Timberlake. Harry Styles is now in the spotlight, and he wears the crown admirably.

When it gets close to noon, I’ll add some photographs and a little video.

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