The Golden Globes, which were cancelled by their US broadcaster last year after claims of racism, misogyny, and conflict of interest, will air again in 2019.

NBC cancelled the yearly Hollywood awards ceremony as a result of allegations that the show’s voters lacked diversity.

At the time, NBC stated that it wanted to see “real improvement” from the ceremony’s organisers.

For the first time since 2008, the ceremony was held in private for this year’s programme.

In terms of profile, the Golden Globes are only second to the Oscars, and NBC has broadcast the ceremony since 1996.

golden global awards 2023

However, a boycott of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which bestows the awards based on votes from its members, was sparked by a Los Angeles Times investigation that revealed the organisation had been 20 years without electing a single black member.

Due to the exposé, organisers were also accused of misogyny, racism, and ethical failings, including giving voters “freebies” from the studios whose films they were reviewing.

The NBC broadcast for this year’s Golden Globes was cancelled as a result of the allegations, which drove celebrities and publicists to abstain.

Since then, HFPA officials have started a number of public reforms, such as prohibiting members from accepting gifts from film studios in exchange for their support.

Six new black members were among the twenty-one who joined last year.

More than 100 new voters have joined the organisation, including – for the first time – those who are stationed outside of the US.

Even though the return to NBC is only for a single year, it will coincide with the trophy gala’s 80th anniversary.

Frances Berwick, chairman of entertainment networks at NBCUniversal, issued a statement saying, “We recognise the HFPA’s dedication to continued transformation and look forward to welcoming the Golden Globes back to NBC.”

Many people in Hollywood, including important publicists, have been raising concerns about the measures and asking whether they go far enough.

Some cite the HFPA’s recent move to render the Golden Globes’ assets private by selling the show’s rights to billionaire Todd Boehly, owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

According to reports, Mr Boehly has agreed to pay the founding HFPA members an annual salary of $75,000 (£66,000) in exchange for their votes.

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