Although “car dragon,” a TikTok song, is becoming popular, it isn’t actually all that new.

The song that’s become so popular is actually Soulja Boy’s “Yahhh” from 2007. You’ve probably heard the sound that goes, “Get up out of my face, you doodoo head dummy / Hey, Soulja Boy can I yahhh trick yahhh!” in a high-pitched, cartoonish voice.

What is the TikTok song by Car Dragon?

The most recent song dominating TikTok is named “Car Dragon,” however it is by no means a brand-new song. Here is all the information you require about this popular sound.

TikTok serves as a hub for various forms of viral content. TikTok is usually in charge of coming up with the “next big thing,” whether it be the must-try pasta dishes, catchy dances, or even perilous challenges.

A significant component of TikTok’s culture is music. The social networking platform has helped a number of older songs gain massive popularity, like Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and Kevin Gates’ “Thinking with my D**k.”

Soulja Boy’s “Report Card” (also known as “Yahhh!”) is the most recent song to receive this treatment, but it isn’t being referred to by its official title.

For some reason, the song by Soulja Boy is currently known as “Car Dragon.”

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User @Bebardii posted the first TikTok that featured the “Car Dragon” song on February 2, 2022. The little video depicts the dog of the TikToker opening and closing its mouth in time with the song’s lyrics.


Overall, it’s amusing to witness a dog imitate Soulja Boy’s phrase, “Yah trick, yahh!” At the time of writing, the video had received over 800k likes and over 4 million views.

Users are being challenged to record themselves “before and after Googling up Car Dragon” as a result of the brief video. The expression doesn’t appear to have any particularly horrific connotations, yet TikTokers frequently portray horror in the “after” section of their videos.

Over 300k people have viewed a hashtag for the Car Dragon sound, which has attracted a lot of attention.

If not the cute puppy singing along to Soulja Boy, it’s unclear why the sound is so popular right now. However, it’s apparent that this is not the most bizarre trend to emerge on TikTok.

“Report Card” Is Just One Part of The Trend

All of these videos use Soulja Boy’s song as their soundtrack, but it’s not entirely clear how the two are connected. It appears that someone initiated the trend by utilizing the music, and the majority of other users simply decided to imitate them.

TikTok can be fantastic for introducing new artists, but it can also be a place to rediscover an old favorite in a whole another setting.

The “Car Dragon” Trend Is Totally Random

The “Car Dragon” fad is completely random, just like many of the other trends that have recently taken over TikTok, such as a brownie recipe that is shared in comments for no apparent reason.

The statement and the reactions that people have recorded in response to it don’t appear to have any pattern or logic. Instead, it appears to be a fad that is merely popular for its own sake.

These trends have gained more and more traction on TikTok in recent weeks, and while some users might desire trends to have a deeper significance, it’s evident that others just want to have fun. The “Car Dragon” trend is probably for you if you enjoy a good mess about.

Here’s What Tiktok Users Have to Say

A number of TikTok users have commented that they didn’t see anything remarkable about the trend and are having trouble deciphering its meaning. “Help, I only see cars with dragon prints on them,” one person commented.


Okay, I’m finally going to become interested enough to try it out rather than reading about it in the comments, remarked another.

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It’s literally just a dragon atop a car, as one user put it. Another said, “I can’t find anything, assistance.”

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