Keanu Reeves making his Marvel/MCU debut in The Eternals was the subject of rumors as early as June 2019.

Reeves was “still to sign on the dotted line” when “negotiations” were “on,” according to The Economic Times at the time. Even earlier, in February 2019, Screen Rant claimed that he was just a hair’s breadth away from joining the Captain Marvel cast.

Why then, despite having so many chances, has Keanu Reeves never played a lead role in a Marvel film?

Is Keanu Reeves a Member of The Marvel Universe’s the Eternals Cast?

No. Reeves, who is most known for his roles as Neo in The Matrix movies and as John Wick’s main character, was reportedly in talks to feature in The Eternals in June 2019, but he never did.

One publication claimed that “negotiations” were “underway,” but that “talks” were “still in the early stages,” citing MCU Cosmic.

Angelina Jolie was slated to portray Sersi but altered her role to Thena; Gemma Chan now plays Sersi; Richard Madden was slated to play Ikaris but ended up doing so, and Kumail Nanjiani and Ma Dong-Seok were previously cast (they play Kingo and Gilgamesh, respectively).

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Matrix actor’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since rumors first surfaced that he might play Doctor Strange or possibly Captain Marvel.

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Why Wasn’t He Able to Play Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel?

Is Keanu Reeves Actually In Eternals?

Screen Rant has previously reported that Keanu Reeves “nearly joined the cast” of Captain Marvel before the rumors regarding him and The Eternals even surfaced.

Jude Law ultimately received the part. He portrayed Yon-Rogg, a Kree Empire commander and Starforce’s supreme commander. One of Captain Marvel’s first adversaries in comic books is Yon-Rogg.

However, due to a scheduling conflict with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Keanu Reeves was unable to take on the part.

John Wick 4 will now be available on March 24, 2023, for those who follow the series. Just prior to Christmas, Lionsgate made the revised date public in a YouTube video.

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Why Did Keanu Reeves Decide to Join MCU from 2014 to 2021?

Is Keanu Reeves Actually In Eternals?

Reeves and Collider spoke about the potential of him playing Doctor Strange more than seven years ago, in October 2014.

He remarked, “I like the concept. I watch those types of movies. They, comic books, and graphic novels are what I was raised on. But I didn’t know Doctor Strange as a persona; I didn’t read that as a kid, he said.

The following day, Screen Rant opined that Keanu Reeves would make the best Doctor Strange and did it in front of him, no less.

(The film with Benedict Cumberbatch was released in 2016)

I don’t know much about Doctor Strange,” Reeves said, adding that he enjoys “that kind of stuff.” Certainly, not a talk to brag about, but the notion stuck.

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What Is His Current Summary Feeling?

Reeves referred to the MCU as “greater than a cosmos” in an episode of Esquire’s YouTube series from November 2021.

It resembles a multiverse in many ways. Marvel is involved.

Does he want to join the franchise, too?

“It would be a privilege, you know. There are some extremely amazing filmmakers and thinkers. They are doing something that has never truly been done before. Being a part of that would be wonderful because it is unique in that way of scope, ambition, and production.

Last but not least, Esquire announced in February 2021 that Keanu Reeves had been offered the part of Kraven the Hunter in a stand-alone SUMC film. However, the character is now listed on IMDB as being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and the movie is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, or SUMC, differs from the MCU, however, no one seems to be able to pinpoint how since Keanu Reeves isn’t involved in either yet.

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