After Jenny 69’s debut single La 69 was released a few days ago, Twitter trolls have not stopped cruelly trolling the Instagram influencer. We have a variety of La 69 memes you should check out if you’re searching for some nice chuckles.

Real name Jennifer Ruiz, social media influencer Jenny 69 is well-known for her dramatic makeover following several plastic procedures. She is Mexican-American.

Her time as a musician, however, has failed to impress the listeners, and people are now quite interested in talking about it.

More people have disliked than liked the official music video for her song, which Lumbre Music posted to YouTube. Similar comments were made about the video on Twitter.

The 11 Funniest La 69 Memes to Ever Surf Twitter

It appears that one Twitter user has had enough of the influencer forever.

The suffering appears genuine.

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My brain needs to be rescued from the “soy la 69” curse, please, says someone.

Prior to doing some research, I believed Jenny Rivera had written the song Soy La 69. several individuals

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One another perplexed non-fan

I’m done with it.

I’ll let my kids know that this was Jenny 69.

Sending condolences to Riverside on behalf of Vancouver.

Whenever someone approaches saturation

Yolanda Saldivar must intervene for her desperate admirers.

In spite of all the unfavorable reviews the song has received, La 69’s music video has amassed over 3.9 million views.

She even celebrated the views by posting a TikTok video of herself singing her most recent song on her Instagram.

Reached 3Milli Views today, and the caption read. Many thanks for everyone’s support.

“Thank you all for your support,” she writes in the second half of her caption.

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