Ice in my veins is a popular slogan on TikTok right now, but what does it even mean?

If you’ve been browsing TikTok recently, you’ve probably come across a number of videos in which the phrase “ice in my veins” is used.

It’s commonly paired with a particular hand gesture that has everyone baffled on TikTok.

So, what does “ice in my veins” actually mean? Do we know?

What Does ‘ice in My Veins’ Mean?

The expression “ice on my veins” has just become popular on TikTok, but it has its origins in the world of sports.

NBA players and other athletes frequently use the phrase “ice in their veins” to refer to the ability to perform well under intense pressure.

It usually refers to the tense closing moments of a game, when everything is on the line and you have to put out your absolute best effort to win.

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Many People Connect It with A Certain Hand Gesture

Tiktok: What Does ‘Ice In My Veins’ Mean?

Ice in my veins is a popular phrase heard frequently on TikTok, usually accompanied by an odd hand gesture in which the user places two fingers on the opposite arm.

Typically, Mother Mother’s Hayloft plays in the background as a script is displayed.

NBA players frequently use this gesture at the close of games to show they are mentally prepared for a tough finish.

D’Angelo Russell of the Lakers is credited with popularising the gesture as a celebratory gesture.

TikTok, however, has given the hand motion a new significance.


Informative Explanation of The “two Finger on Arm” Movement

Tiktok: What Does ‘Ice In My Veins’ Mean?

The ‘ice in my veins’ gesture popularised by NBA player D’Angelo Russell has been co-opted by the platform’s younger users, who give it a new meaning.

It now commonly means that a person is “coming clean” about some aspect of who they are.

A typical video of this type consists of two parts. One TikTok user begins by telling another user a personal tale. The scene then changes to them placing two fingers on their arm.

Typically, they also reveal some major information about themselves through text on the screen at the same time as making the hand gesture.

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