A recent tendency among some TikTok users has been to compile long lists of terms that should not be used in Google searches.

For more than two years, TikTok has been the go-to place for viral videos, dancing challenges, and popular filters.

More and more people are uploading videos in which they advise others not to search up specific topics online.

The recent release of the movie Eel Girl is one example. Everything you need to know about it is listed below.

What Is the “Not For Google” Trend on Tik Tok?

eel girl

Some people on TikTok have launched a fad about illegal content that can be found in online searches. Typically, videos will include a series of unrelated photos as the background, followed by the text, “Things you should never look for on Google.”

Included on the list may be infographics, a viral video from an unknown author, or a photo montage of a story that made headlines across the country long before TikTok.

One of the things he told people to be on the lookout for was the movie “Eel girl,” as well as any stills or videos that might be related to it.

TikTok, as far as we are aware, does not store stills from the film; instead, individuals have shared videos in which they discourage others from looking for them.

Keep in mind that the videos down below can be frightening; avoid them if you’re easily frightened.

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What Is the Movie Eel Girl?

eel girl

The Eel chick It’s a scary movie clip from 2008! Paul Campion penned the script and directed the film.

The movie concerns a researcher who locks himself away in a secret military lab to study a reptilian humanoid.

The video, which he advises features “mature content,” earned multiple accolades including the HP Lovecraft Festival Award for Best Short Film and Best Special Effects category at the 2008 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival.

the eel chick It also garnered nominations at the New Zealand Film & Television Awards, and the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival in 2008. So it’s not useless. But is online really so dangerous?

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Users Interact With The Trend

Many people liked it and spread the word, but Eel girl There are a lot of scary things that people shouldn’t seek, and that can be annoying to certain viewers.

“Put actual scary material ‘Not for Google’.” One commenter on the aforementioned TikTok clip remarked, “(eel chick) Not physically scary.”

“She was just a fish-like girl, not scary,” another person remarked.

A further voice chimed in, “It’s not terrifying, it’s just a horror movie.”

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