Calm yourself, a TikTok ‘cult’ isn’t like something out of a horror movie; it’s merely a large community of TikTok users that identify as part of the same group and hold similar beliefs.

The Step Chicken’s Cult, identified by its blue profile image, became viral at the outset. Next, there came the Lana Cult, an enthusiastic group of Lana Del Rey admirers. Not to mention the Mexican Horchata Religion.

The Vegeta Cult is the latest cult to take over TikTok.

What is a Cult on TikTok?

vegeta cult

Cults on TikTok may have a scary-sounding moniker, but they only require a few basic steps to start.

When a “cult” forms on TikTok, its members identify with it by changing their profile images to reflect the group’s ideology.

Then, they’ll follow everyone else who has a similar profile photo, which can result in hundreds of new followers.

The “Lana cult,” which used a portrait of Lana Del Rey, brought attention to the cult phenomenon, which was later followed by the “hamster cult” and many others.

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What is the Vegeta Cult on TikTok?

This new TikTok cult is called the Vegeta cult, after one of the main figures in the religion.

It was inspired by a well-known figure from the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

The antihero is a popular trope in anime because of the bold and cocky statements he often makes.

However, unlike other cults, not all of the members of this one use the same profile photo.

vegeta cult

Instead, cult members are customizing their profiles by donning Vegeta’s trademark green jacket.

They have also resorted to spamming the comment sections of popular TikTokers who have spoken out against the cult.

Users whose profile images featured green jackets were heavily represented in the comments section of a video by popular TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

One of them proclaimed, “our presence shall be known,” in boldface.

“We are expanding and conquering TikTok,” another added.

Someone else chimed in with “Vegeta gang on top no cap.”

Somebody using the handle ” @ vegetatard ” allegedly founded the cult in June of 2021.

Putting on a green jacket for your profile photo is all that’s required to become a member of the cult.

Fortunately, there are already pictures of celebrities and internet jokes donning the jacket, so it won’t be hard to recruit new members.

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Here’s How To Change Your PFP and Join the Vegeta Cult

Your new profile photo must feature an anime character donning Vegeta’s signature green ‘SAB’ jacket if you want to be accepted into the Vegeta Cult. Thankfully, images of numerous characters donning the garment can be seen online. To switch to a different persona, you need to do nothing more than update your profile photo.

All that’s left to do now that you’ve joined the Vegeta Cult is to post incessantly about it on your social media accounts. These messages are an attempt to recruit more people and grow the cult. The ultimate goal of any self-respecting TikTok cult is to overwhelm the service and leave those who haven’t joined them bewildered. It appears to be working so far.

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Vegeta Is One of The Anime’s Most Iconic Characters

vegeta cult

In a way, it makes fitting that Vegeta would take over TikTok the way he has. He has become a cultural figure because of his status as an antihero who frequently expresses extreme displays of self-importance. Many viewers look to Vegeta to balance out the show’s protagonist, Goku, who is so pure and nice.

It’s possible that Vegeta is the first anime character to dominate TikTok, but he certainly won’t be the last. Anime viewers are a vocal subculture that isn’t afraid to wear their fandom on their sleeves. Vegeta is one of the most recognized characters in the world of anime, but there are plenty of others who anime fans may find themselves getting behind in order to perform a TikTok takeover.

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