Canadian musician Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. Bieber is well known for fusing several genres in his music and has influenced current mainstream music.

When he secured a record deal with RBMG Records in 2008 after being found by American record executive Scooter Braun, he became famous after the publication of his debut seven-track EP, My World, in 2009. He quickly became known as a teen idol.

Justin Bieber’s First Tattoo of Many Is on His Torso

Justin Bieber had numerous tattoos on his chest, including his very first. His first, which he received when he was 16, is a seagull on his hip. The book “Johnathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach served as its inspiration (source: Capital FM). Above his navel is another tattoo that has the word “Purpose,” the title of his 2015 album.

On the left side of his collar bone, he also bears the year 1975, the year of his mother’s birth. In 2012, Bieber had a little crown painted on his chest. Some admirers think it was Michael Jackson-related.

The center of the singer’s tummy is covered in a big eagle tattoo. He tattooed a number of symbols of Christianity on his body to indicate how devoted he was to the faith.

This includes the words “Son of God,” two angels on either side of his body, a vast cathedral, and skeletons that symbolize a struggle between good and evil. These are mostly on his chest and stomach.

Justin bieber tattooos

The Hebrew word for Jesus, “Yeshua,” is tattooed across his ribs, and a large cross is inked across the center of his chest (via Body Art Guru).

Along with the phrase “Forgive” on his waist and a little Chinese tattoo on his chest that reads “follow heart,” other body art on his torso includes a lion on the top left side of his chest and a bear on the right side.

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All of Justin Bieber’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Justin Bieber Loves to Express Himself — Especially When It Comes to Tattoos

The 26-year-old music sensation began tattooing himself when he turned 16 and hasn’t stopped since. He currently has more than 60 designs that cover his entire body, including most of his legs, his entire torso, and both arms.

“Everyone would have tattoos if they weren’t painful. Maybe not [everyone], though! He boasted about his body art on Instagram in 2018. “Over a hundred hours of artwork on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one,” he wrote. I’ve turned my body into a canvas because I adore painting, and it’s so much fun.

The majority of Justin Bieber’s tattoos have religious or familial connotations, but the “Halo” singer also has a few designs that are similar to those of his wife Hailey Baldwin and a few simple, playful tats. All of them are described below.

Small Cross Near Eye

When it comes to face tattoos, Bieber was in front of the pack. In 2016, tattooist JonBoy admitted to E! News, “I did tattoo a little cross at the corner of Justin’s eye.” It served as a symbol of his trust in Jesus and his quest to discover meaning in God.

Large cross

The large cross that Bieber has inked in the center of his chest is one of his most recognizable tattoos.

According to him, the cross on his breast serves as a reminder of his faith and the suffering that Jesus underwent in order to mend everything that had been wrong.


Jesus’ Hebrew name, “Yeshua,” is tattooed on the ribs of both Justin and his father.

Two Angels Defeating Evil

Bieber hired famous tattooist Bang Bang to paint an elaborate angel combat scene, complete with a gigantic cathedral, skeletons, and more, over his tummy.

On either side, we added an angel. “The darkness is ruling beneath each one,” artist Bang Bang said of his creations to E! News. “There must always be the good and the bad in any epic poem I write.

There should be equilibrium. There must be contrast aesthetically. There is a monster that needs to be vanquished beneath each of the angels. Snake on one side and a skeleton on the other.

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The artist said, “It represents Gothic art and the conflict between light and dark, good and evil, and yin and yang. I wanted to make sure that the imagery and topic matter contrasted.

The tattoo that expressed his spirituality was the item that made the most sense to me. His spirit animals and angels, who serve as his guardians, are animals. I tried to make it really significant and cohesive.

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