Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, was born in the United States on October 11, 1992.

Her powerful flow and honest words have made her a household name. She was born and raised in New York City, but her fame spread thanks to social media platforms like Vine and Instagram.

Cardi B Inks Her Face, and Fans Have Varied Feelings About It

Cardi B’s latest endeavors always seem to hit the news. The rapper’s recent video, in which she received a face tattoo, has, unsurprisingly, caused a social media frenzy.

The tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos recently posted an Instagram photo of the rapper having a red ink tattoo around her jawline. However, the tattoo could not be seen since the performer’s face was obscured in the clip.

Someone commented, “Why, don’t mess up your face with tats your body ok but not the face.” “She is crazy, too many stars; go too far,” another person commented.

cardi b Tattoos

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Others came to Cardi B’s defense, saying things like, “Her body her decision y’all buggin and what she doesn’t even touch your daily life (sic).”

Another ardent supporter gushed, “NIIIICE omg I’m so thrilled to see it” when they saw this piece of artwork.

The tattoo artist shared a close-up photo of themselves with Cardi, but her hair covered the tattoo.

The rapper had previously stated that she was considering getting a face tattoo to reveal the name of her second child. Random but….I’m 1% away from tatting my son’s name on my face…. I really, really, want to do it!” she tweeted.

Cardi has previously inked her body. As part of an episode of “Cardi Tries” earlier this year, the rapper inked her husband Offset. Offset’s bride inscribed their wedding date into his hand, and he did the same to his bride’s hand with ink.

Cardi B Now Has Her First Recognizable Face Tattoo

Cardi B has gotten a face tattoo, as she’s been contemplating for months. Cardi collaborated with tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos on the new tattoo, as reported by XXL. The tattooist uploaded a time-lapse video of himself working on Cardi B’s jawline on August 14.

cardi b Tattoos

The finished design is obscured in a photo provided by a fan account showing a happy Cardi and De Los Santos after the tattoo was completed.

Cardi B revealed her plan to have her son’s name tattooed on her face back in January. We didn’t know the infant boy’s name at the time, but if it was Wave, De Los Santos certainly didn’t tattoo it on his skin. (One of the letters appears to be a “P” in disguise.)

She did state she wanted to get it tattooed on her jaw, thus the intended location is still there even though the pattern itself has changed.

It’s not just Cardi who’s got a fresh face tattoo. Drake has a tattoo of his father, and he recently got his mother Sandra’s initials tattooed under his eye as a kind tribute to her.

While Cardi proudly displays the name of her husband Offset on her body, Offset proudly displays the name of his baby Kulture on his jaw.

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cardi b Tattoos

Did Cardi get a tattoo of some meaningful initials or is it something else entirely? If you want to see the finished product, you’ll have to follow her on Instagram and Twitter and wait for her to post it.

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