Rick Harrison is a businessman and reality television personality best known for his part in Pawn Stars, a well-liked television program about the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The episodes of Pawn Stars are centered on unusual historical things that clients bring in and the heated negotiations that ensue as Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Rick Harrison, and his son, Corey Harrison, try to buy the items for the lowest price.

Early life

California’s Lexington welcomed Richard Kevin Harrison on March 22, 1965. Joanne Rhue is his mother, and Richard Benjamin, also known as “The Old Man,” is his father. One of their four children is named Rick.

His family relocated to San Diego, California, when he was just two years old. His lifelong love of reading began when, at age eight, he began to have epileptic episodes and spent a lot of time in bed. Rick eventually lost almost all of his hearing.

His family moved to Nevada’s Las Vegas in 1981. Richard attended Taft Middle School but left in the tenth year to pursue a career in business.

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Net Worth of Rick Harrison

The total wealth of Rick Harrison is $9 million. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada is owned by the Harrison family, which also includes Rick Harrison.

The reality television program “Pawn Stars,” which chronicles the antics and mischief that occur at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, is to blame for the Harrison family’s rise to fame.

Starting a career

The young man began by selling imitation designer bags. Rick spent the daytime hours working at his father’s new used shop, the Gold & Silver Coin Shop. He did car repossessions at night, which was not exactly a glamorous job.

His father obtained a pawn shop operating permit in 1989. They thereby combined their original business with one. Launching the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was Richard and his father.

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By 2006, the shop had earned a reputation for stocking uncommon sports collectibles. A lot of jewelry, especially gold jewelry, was also accepted. The Las Vegas Strip gamblers made up a large portion of their clientele. For petrol money to get home, other people were pawning belongings.

Private Life

When Harrison was 17 years old, Kim became pregnant. The couple chose to get married after miscarrying the baby. On April 27, 1983, they welcomed their first child, Corey. Adam was born their second kid two years later. Harrison and Kim split up shortly after Adam was born.

Harrison went on a blind double date nine months later and met Tracy, who would later become his second wife. They began living together after six months of dating, were engaged eight months later, and started raising Corey and Adam. Later, they got divorced.

Harrison, a divorced man twice over, announced his engagement to Deanna Burditt in 2012. In Laguna Beach, California, on July 21, 2013, the pair were hitched.

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Real Estate

Harrison put his Summerlin home in Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas up for sale in 2019 for $3.99 million. Built-in 2001, the 8,845 square foot residence. He invested around $600,000 in renovations after purchasing the home in 2016.

At a cost of $45,000, granite planks were carved into the shape of hardwood flooring, acid-washed, and installed in the formal sitting room. There are two bedrooms on the upper floor and two on the bottom level of the house.

In addition, the house contains a gym that can double as a bedroom. A 12-seat home cinema with a 150-inch screen and a curtain is included in the house’s seven bathrooms. Over a thousand bottles of wine can be stored in a cellar. There is an elevator in the house, and anyone with a phone can use the central sound system to play music in any room.

In the backyard, there are views of the Strip and the Arroyo Golf Club, and the front of the house looks out towards the Spring Mountains of Red Rock Canyon. There is a balcony off the upstairs game room that faces the backyard.

A gate leading to the golf course is located in the backyard, along with a lagoon-style pool and elevated spa. A sluggish river flows into the pool and there is a 10-foot waterfall nearby.

A barbecue grill is located in the backyard. Since their children have grown up and no longer want the room, Harrison chose the neighbourhood because their children attended a high school there.

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