The Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures collaboration, Big Hero 6, is an American computer-animated superhero film that was released in 2014.

It is the 54th Disney animated feature picture, and it is loosely based on the Man of Action-created Marvel comic book of the same name.

Who Is Aunt Cass?

Big Hero 6 features a fictional character named Aunt Cass. In San Fransokyo, she runs a bakery and a coffee business with her nephews, Hiro and Tadashi Hamada. Maya Rudolph, an accomplished American actress, lends her voice to the role.

Cass may not have a significant part in the movie, but she has become an internet sensation because to her viral meme status.

Here’s Why Aunt Cass Is a Twitter Meme

What is it about Aunt Cass that has captured the internet’s attention and turned her into a Twitter meme?

As far as I can tell, it all started when a photoshop of Aunt Cass’s enlarged breasts made the rounds on Reddit.

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Internet enthusiasts, seeing a visual representation of their favorite character, immediately began gushing over the cartoon woman’s beauty. Many people think she is the most beautiful person ever because of her cut brown hair and green eyes.

A Twitter user explained that they had to see the film again because of all the jokes about Aunt Cass. She’s hot any way, I can confirm that.

Someone else admitted, “I have a major crush on Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.” Therefore, her attractiveness has made her a meme, and pictures of her are all over the internet.

How to Watch Big Hero 6

Here’s how to watch Big Hero 6 if you’ve been hearing about Aunt Cass in all the Twitter buzz.

The Disney film is not available through any of the typical UK-based streaming providers. It isn’t available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Sky. Where then may one view it?

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Disney’s own streaming service Disney+ is the only place to catch the flick. The regular monthly fee is £7.99, but new customers can try it risk-free for seven days.

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